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AOD Updates

Dec 12, 2007

    1. Hi Everyone -

      I thought I would share the new 1/3 Dolls that are going up soon on our site. :)

      We will also offer the new skin color Suntan... Yes.......






      Enjoy - Names and doll will be posted soon! Start saving you money now. LOL :)

    2. Oh my gosh...they're beautiful!

      May I ask, are they all tanned or can they bought with white/normal skin?
    3. Link to Discussion [thread=182148]here[/thread]!:)
    4. What's the link to your site? Google gave me nothing.
    5. Look at the bottom of the first post in the signature area, you'll find a link there. ^^
    6. Here~ http://www.aoddoll.net/
    7. is the tan colour just on the top layer? If i sandpaper the doll, will the colour under it be different? thanks!
    8. is it possible to post pics of the unpainted heads (no wig, straight on) on the site? It's really hard to compare the sculpts when the photos are all from different angles and covered in hair. thanks
    9. The new line and old lines can be bought in all 3 skin colors. (White, Normal and now SUntaned.)

      I will have to ask but I think the color is all the way through the doll. I will confirm that when I get back from Holiday in Jan 2008.

      Is this Michele?

      I will ask them to put pictures on the sight of the unpainted heads. :)

      Here is a picture with all three skin colors -


      My manager told me it's all the way through the resin but I will test it on my doll when I get her to let you know if you sand if it becomes lighter in color! I hope to have a doll in a few weeks.

    10. Hi Everyone -

      I thought I should post a reply that we finally got boxes that fit each doll in our lines. :fangirl: So the big dolls are no longer stuck in 1/4 boxes. :) We also have new pillows that tie the dolls in place. We have also made inprovements to the bodies so that the dolls stand better then when we first released the dolls. So they stand much better and I can really see the difference in my Jimi and Jay. :)

      If you want to be added to a snail mail mailing list send me your home address and I will add you to a mailing list where we will send out new info about BJD's.

      Head the subjectline as: ( "Mailing list" please add -) Send to aegawa@cox.net

      Aaron Egawa
      USA Sales Rep -
      Angel of Dream
    11. The color goes all the way through the doll. But you will see a slight difference in color if you sand which is true of all suntan dolls due to sanding. :)

      Hi Michele -

      Yes - there are pictures on one of the AOD 1/3 links on this site somewhere which show the new 1/3 dolls unpainted.