Appreciation for Naga dolls

Jun 22, 2019

    1. Didn't know if anyone else on here shared the same love I do for naga dolls...but I find them gorgeous. I love half snake babies. They look gorgeous! I know Alice collection has one on their sight... and one other one but I hope maybe one day I’ll find one that’s more unique than what I’ve seen currently.
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    2. Heck yeah, i'd love some MSD ones. I can't resist fantasy dolls. I just wish the majority weren't limited and insanely expensive *sob*
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    3. I love naga dolls too. I was lucky enough to get one of the Sugarable nagas before the company closed. It's such a shame they stopped making these dolls as there's not a lot of them out there.
      The only down side is that naga dolls don't tend to be able to stand on their own. It's a good job that Alice's Collections sell the 'invisible' stands and they work really well otherwise this girl would spend her life leaning against things like some kind of drunk:XD:
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    4. I like dolls with snake-like facial features, but I'm not exactly fond of naga tails for some reason. Snake Demon by Miracle Doll is the best snake-like head for me. The doll is quite pricey, but it's possible to buy just the head and ordinary body, make a hybrid etc.
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    5. I’m gonna need to bookmark all of these because I have wanted a naga for so long!! It’s good to see some more variety of fantasy dolls! (Especially where the nagas and mermaids are concerned)
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    6. She looks adorable!!!!!!!
    7. I briefly had a Naga doll implementing the 62cm Miracledoll Naga and a Dollzone Mo - unfortunately the measurements given by Alice before release vastly differed from the actual ones so it looks pretty shit w/o careful angles and such so he had to go :lol:

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    8. What are the actual measurements of those miracledolls? their heads look awfully small.
    9. Oh I didn't know they exist but wow now I want one!
    10. I love Naga dolls! That's why I had to get the huge version of the Miracle Doll releases:
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    11. The two smaller Miracle Dolls, the Snake Demon 62cm and YanXi Dragon, are both mature tiny in scale, not 1/4. The measurements are on the sale pages of the dolls. I mainly have mature tinies, so I'm tempted to get one of those guys or the human body version.
    12. I got two Naga from Sugarble years ago as I loved their colourful transparent tails.

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