Appreciation for Naga dolls

Jun 22, 2019

    1. Didn't know if anyone else on here shared the same love I do for naga dolls...but I find them gorgeous. I love half snake babies. They look gorgeous! I know Alice collection has one on their sight... and one other one but I hope maybe one day I’ll find one that’s more unique than what I’ve seen currently.
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    2. Heck yeah, i'd love some MSD ones. I can't resist fantasy dolls. I just wish the majority weren't limited and insanely expensive *sob*
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    3. I love naga dolls too. I was lucky enough to get one of the Sugarable nagas before the company closed. It's such a shame they stopped making these dolls as there's not a lot of them out there.
      The only down side is that naga dolls don't tend to be able to stand on their own. It's a good job that Alice's Collections sell the 'invisible' stands and they work really well otherwise this girl would spend her life leaning against things like some kind of drunk:XD:
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    4. I like dolls with snake-like facial features, but I'm not exactly fond of naga tails for some reason. Snake Demon by Miracle Doll is the best snake-like head for me. The doll is quite pricey, but it's possible to buy just the head and ordinary body, make a hybrid etc.
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    5. I’m gonna need to bookmark all of these because I have wanted a naga for so long!! It’s good to see some more variety of fantasy dolls! (Especially where the nagas and mermaids are concerned)
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    6. She looks adorable!!!!!!!
    7. I briefly had a Naga doll implementing the 62cm Miracledoll Naga and a Dollzone Mo - unfortunately the measurements given by Alice before release vastly differed from the actual ones so it looks pretty shit w/o careful angles and such so he had to go :lol:

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    8. What are the actual measurements of those miracledolls? their heads look awfully small.
    9. Oh I didn't know they exist but wow now I want one!
    10. I love Naga dolls! That's why I had to get the huge version of the Miracle Doll releases:
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    11. The two smaller Miracle Dolls, the Snake Demon 62cm and YanXi Dragon, are both mature tiny in scale, not 1/4. The measurements are on the sale pages of the dolls. I mainly have mature tinies, so I'm tempted to get one of those guys or the human body version.
    12. I got two Naga from Sugarble years ago as I loved their colourful transparent tails.

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    13. I see this thread is a little old… So not sure if anyone is watching it anymore… But I am working with an artist to create a Naga girl… I would love to see what people think of her… And if you have any suggestions… I want to get her 3D printed and eventually sent off to be cast in resin… If people will be wanting to buy her…

      [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    14. I have a Sugarable Naga Adien, a Miracle Doll 64cm Snake Demon and a Miracle Doll 108cm Snake Demon head. If I'm careful about balancing I can get my Sugarable naga to stand unaided. My MD 64cm naga cannot "stand" unaided at all but he's gorgeous so is forgiven. The MD 108cm snake demon head is on an Angell Studio Qingyi body so he can stand on his own.

      I wouldn't say no to acquiring another naga. The two I have are pretty awesome. They are a harder to find type of doll though.
    15. Oh wow, she looks fantastic so far! I love the scale details and the shape of the hands. Do you know what size you want to make her? Also do you have any plans for a male upper body or a small bust version? I'd love to shell my Diamond Back Rattler boy :whee:
    16. Not sure whether I would buy another personally... but that is because I have two 1/6 sized nagas from Sugarble.

      Then again, if someone would release a mature 1/3 size with an option for flat chest too I would be persuaded. For me, it must be able to stand and sit.

      My (black tailed) naga :aheartbea
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    17. How posable are the naga dolls? Can they do a coiled sitting look or wrap around like Kaa from Jungle Book? I think they all look so cool.
    18. Depends entirely on the naga. My Sugarable is wildly poseable and able to stand unaided with a little creative tail arrangement. You can also curve his tail around your forearm to carry him around more comfortably when holding him by the hips/lower torso. His tail parts are also individually numbered so if you unstring him, you can put him back together without mistakes, which is absolute genius in my opinion.

      My Miracle Doll Snake Demon (64cm) cannot stand by himself and I haven't been able to coil his tail around my forearm in a reasonable manner like my Sugarable naga. His tail parts aren't numbered either so if you unstring him you'd better be very conscious about the order the parts go in to avoid tears and swearing when re-stringing.
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    19. My Sugarble naga when I first got them could do a sitting crouch with the tail tip curled up... then lost the ability to do that one month in, not sure if related to elastic tension or my skills... nothing wore or broke off. I resisted buying any of the later coloured translucent tails as I liked them all and knew one wouldn't be enough (they were gorgeous! and I already had the white and black ones). And then Sugarble did sale and stopped selling when I was on a hiatus. I was gutted at the time as the tails are so well engineered and came with a selection of chest parts too.

      The thing is is that a 1/3 sized naga to get the tail/upper body ratio would make it so long (@LadyD your proportions are lovely) but would be so heavy and probably very difficult to pose because of that. Might try to make one myself one day (would be a loooong project though, bad pun I know !)
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