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APRIL issue of HAUTE DOLL (lolita, arcadia, milkeye, etc)

Jan 28, 2008

    1. Haute Doll Magazine's next issue (April 2008) will be coming out soon. You can subscribe through the website, or pick up individual issues through the website or your local bookstore. Also VOLKS LA SUMIKA carries it, too.

      This issue has some very special items in that are not just about doll things, but about fashion and art and photography, too.
      A lot of these articles were a long time in the making. Thank you to those of you who keep emailing me with suggestions or ideas or are contributing to the magazine! If you have an idea you're always welcome to email me about it. I'm not the editor, but I like to try to work on things or find people to do things to get the BJD content more to what you guys want. :)

      my email is: aimeeATaimeemajorDOTcom
      (replace the AT with @ and the DOT with . )


      --- one is the interview that Becky (blastmilk) and I did with Baby, The Stars Shine Bright, the lolita fashion designer. They've made clothes for dolls and people. In addition to this one there is some info on how the lolita fashion evolved and I did some drawings for that. Thank you again to everyone who helped out on these.

      -- and then there is Arcadia Dolls. well known for their gorgeous photograph and gorgeous outfits (rococo gowns, romantic outfits and pirates). They are interviewed for this issue, too.

      -- Spotlight On Corinne Skinner - Milk-eye gorgeous doll photography! ( here's a few photo links for you: 300, the highwayman... etc.!)

      -- I did a 1 page illustration about cute animal dolls taking over. :)

      -- Larger Asian Ball-Jointed Dolls - This is an article by me that focuses on the really large doll trend lately with photography by Marti Hunt, Elizabeth Vegvary, Kara Struble, Sabriell and Orpheelin.

      ---..... there's probably more, too, but I can't remember right now.

      hope you enjoy!
    2. So there's a MSD sewing pattern in there, right (if I saw correctly on the Haute Doll website)? Is there a SD sewing pattern in this issue as well?
    3. Look interesting :)
      I can't find on the website if the magazine is available in the UK or not; does anyone know this?

      (I just joined, by the way; hi!)
    4. My brother and I have been doing a serialized adventure stories starring 60cm Narin & Narae HD. We are working on "Space Force Adventures" chapter 4. We showcase many dolls from other artists in the stories as well...whoever I can find! This story started right here in the gallery section of DOA and it is quite fun!

    5. Does anyone know how think these mags are? I have been thinking about it for a while, and I may want to subscribe, but I'm not interested in American dolls at all. What percentage of the magazine is dedicated to Asian dolls?
    6. Maybe 1/4 to 1/3. They focus mainly on fashion dolls-- BUT, it has become more and more about the Asian dolls over the past few years. Perhaps in the future... even more. :)
    7. There are 41 pages of Ball-Jointed Dolls in the April issue of Haute Doll. We have featured the House of Troy, clothing designer extraordinaire for ball jointed dolls...a rococo gown pattern and instructions by the fabulous sisters from Arcadia Dolls...absolutely amazing. Aimee and Becky Head did an amazing job on the history of Lolita fashion. The time line is so interesting as is the interview with Baby, The Stars Shine Bright. Helen and her brother bring a great Space Force Adventure and Aimee's feature on larger Asian Ball Jointed Dolls highlights one of the current trends in the hobby today as does her one page feature on animals taking over the ball-jointed doll companies. Corinne Skinner of Milkeye fame shares some very special photography in a wonderful profile about her, written by Kathleen Rowell. NOT counted in the 41 pages, but of interest to many of you, is an 8 page spread comparing articulation in 17 1/6th scale modern fashion dolls...including Momoko, Volks Century Model, WTG, WTG Boyfriend, J-Doll, Misaki and 11 more dolls! Plus an Ellowyne Wilde paper doll and new product featured from Wilde Imagination! If you want a magazine with lots of Ball-Jointed doll features and other interesting information, you need to subscribe and support it...otherwise, we cannot keep up this level of support of the BJD hobby. Please go to www.hautedoll.com and subscribe today.

      SECRET!! We have a fabulous, fabulous Val Zeitler and Doll Heart exclusive coming up in July/August for subscribers only...think Halloween, Val's entry in BJD convention competition in Austin, Sweeney Todd, etc. These sisters and their wardrobes will make our favorite holiday that much more fun in 2008!
    8. Come on...subscribe today to the only magazine that offers LOTS of ball-jointed doll information in each issue! This issue is spectacular with many of Den of Angel members contributing their X-treme knowledge and talent. Go to www.hautedoll.com and get each issue for $5.48 instead of $8.95 PLUS tax on the newsstand. Show your support for print media and fellow Den of Angel members! www.hautedoll.com