Event [April Story] 2020 Winter Event(2nd)

Dec 17, 2020

    1. ※ It is a guide to April Story’s special event in 2020 Winter(2nd)

      Winter Event 1

      - Flora Monkey Body 70% DISCOUNT EVENT

      Flora Monkey 70% discount on FM65 body and FM58 body.

      We are selling stock body.

      It takes 1 to 3 business days to start shipping after ordering.

      If all the ready body is exhausted, the product will be sold out completely.

      Please purchase it as soon as possible if you want to buy it because the remaining stock is small.

      Winter Event 2

      - If you buy 1 + 1 SPECIAL BOX, you will receive [Kid Doll or Baby Jelly] as a gift.

      If you buy 1 + 1 SPECIAL BOX during the event,

      you will receive 1 free [Kid Doll or Baby Jelly].

      Because it is an extraordinary event,

      if the prepared [Kid Doll or Baby Jelly] run out,

      the event will be terminated early.

      The prepared event [Kid Doll or Baby Jelly] are 20 pieces.

      Please order as soon as possible.

      Winter Event 3

      - 1 + 1 SPECIAL BOX

      With composition of (One piece of April Story doll) + (One piece of April Story doll),

      you can purchase two pieces at a much lower price than normal selling price.

      Please do not miss this special deal at exceptional prices.

      Winter Event 4

      - 50% DISCOUNT EVENT

      During the event, you will get 50% off on all the April Story products on the main page.

      Event period: until January 31, 2020

      Note! The address of April Story shop has been changed.

      Please make note of it when you visit the shop.

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    2. Is it out of stock already for 70% off? I cannot add anything to my cart or Buy Now.
    3. Hey when were these supposed to ship?