Event [April Story] Guide to Events in May

Apr 23, 2020

    1. We would like to inform you about the event in may.

      ※ All body types and some head types of April Story will be sold only until the May event.

      Discontinued Target: Senior Boy Body, Senior Girl Body, Junior Boy Body, Junior Girl Body, kid girl body, baby body, some head types

      ※ Due to Discontinued, 1 + 1 Special Box Event and Kid & Baby Gift Event will end at the end of this May event.

      Event 1. [1+1 Special Box]

      It consists of (1 x April Story doll) + (1 x April Story doll), you can purchase 2 dolls at a much lower price than the regular retail price. Do not miss this opportunity to buy this special product at special price.

      Target items for the event: All items displayed on the main

      Event 2. [If you purchase [1 + 1 Special Box] during the event, you will receive a free baby or kid doll]

      If you purchase [1 + 1 Special Box] during the event, you will receive a free baby or kid doll.

      As it is an exceptional event, it may end early when the Baby & Kid dolls runs out.

      We have prepared 20 baby and 20 kid dolls each. Please hurry.

      Event 3. [50% off event]

      50% off on all April Story products!!

      50% off all on all April Story products displayed in the shop during the event period.

      Event period: [From April 22, 2020 to may 31, 2020]

      Note! The address of April Story shop has been changed.
      Please make note of it when you visit the shop.

      April Story

      2. Guide to acquisition of April Story by Flora Monkey

      Hello, it is Flora Monkey :XD:

      As of October 15, 2019, Flora Monkey has taken over April Story.

      Since we had so many issues for various reasons, it was a difficult decision for us to take over April Story.

      But we finally decided to take it over as April Story’s love for dolls is great.

      We would be very grateful if you give us a lot of attention and love for April Story.

      [Please read if you ordered a product before September 2019 and have not received the product yet.]

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    2. Is this visibible anywhere, what will be discontinued?
    3. A list of the discontinued head types would be helpful! :)
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    4. With the 1+1 special box, is it purchase 2 dolls for a special price, or is it purchase 2 dolls, then pick 2 more dolls for a special price?
    5. What about two bodies? Or, do you have to purchase two full dolls?
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    6. So to clarify, you're discontinuing all bodies? Does that mean you'll be releasing new bodies or just selling heads from June? And yes, like others, i'd like to know which heads are due to be discontinued. thank you!
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    7. two dolls for a cheaper price

      two full dolls they've been having this type of sale for many years.
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    8. Anyone know which head sculpts are going to be discontinued? Is it all of them or just select ones?
    9. I sent you PM about my order I placed in Feb and I still did not receive the body I ordered and had no response from Flora Monkey. thank you in advance for your help