Event [April Story] Notice for closing the sales of senior and junior type

May 5, 2017

    1. Hello.

      It is April Story. ^^
      [2017 Special Event]

      1. We give 40% discount to all items on the main page.

      2. If you purchase the body, we give the head as a gift.

      !!! The manufacturing period of dolls is reduced to 10 days from 60 days based on working days.

      The model contract of 2017 new type NS17, NS16, and NS13 series which are selling at the shop expires and they will only be sold by June 30, 2017 and the sales will be terminated.

      You cannot purchase NS17, NS16, NS13 series from July 01.

      If you want to purchase April Story dolls, please buy them before June 30.

      Thank you.

      (The termination date of sales has changed to June 30 from April 30.

      Please don’t be confused.)


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    2. Hello! Will you offer layaway during this sale?

      Thank you!
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    3. Yes your layaway is possible. :)
    4. So since you changed the order cut off date to April, we can't place any new orders now, correct?
    5. Dear April Story,

      When msd size dolls will be released?:abambi:
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    6. The wording is odd, but they've extended to event from April until the end of June, so they are still accepting new orders.
    7. no. The order is until June! :)

      Preparation is delayed.
      It will be sold in July.
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    8. I hope it's not too early to ask this, but will the new MSDs be standard size, slim, or chubby/BB sized?
    9. Or maybe it will be fashion dolls? o.o
    10. How can I buy on layaway?
    11. The instructions are on their website : here ^^~
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