New Doll [April Story] Senior Type August New Release

Aug 1, 2017

    1. Hello.

      It's April Story. ^ ^ ^

      Senior Type of Sale announcement in August 2017.

      ※ Release of Senior Type in August 2017

      SENIOR Boy Type
      AS 17 Boy 01 - Jackson
      AS 17 Boy 02 - Aiden

      SENIOR Girl Type
      AS 16 Girl 01 - Ava
      AS 16 Girl 02 - Mia

      4 types total

      A new senior type has been released. ^^

      And we negotiated with the dolls maker who made the senior body & junior body.
      The negotiation results were good.
      Eventually we bought the body.

      The body will be sold again on August 1st.
      Thank you for your interest.

      New Senior Girl type [Mia]

      New Senior Girl type [Ava]

      New Senior Boy type [Jackson]

      New Senior Boy type [Aiden]
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    2. I'm a little confused and tried looking on the store's webpage, but how long is the sale? Is it for the whole month? Or just one day?
    3. I thought you discontinued the Senior types for good because your new CEO wanted to do the Kid dolls instead?
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    4. Hello~
      The event end date is still pending.
      We are going to continue the event for the time being.
    5. Hello~
      43cm type and 28cm type will be released before September. ^_^
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    6. Ok! Thank you for the quick response.
    7. I couldn't find the answer on your website - is it possible to order Jackson or Aidan with a face-up?
    8. Another quick question, do the dolls come with the outfits they are shown with? I checked the pages and it only mentions the doll head and body as the items being sold. If that is the case is there anyway to get the outfits?