Event [April Story] SPECIAL EVENT in December, 2017

Dec 2, 2017

    1. Hello~~ :)
      We are Aprilstory :D

      This is a notice for a special sales event of April Story in December.

      EVENT 1! 40 % Off :XD:

      All goods are discounted by 40 % !!

      We sell 40% off all products displayed on the main page.

      Event 2. Free Shipping :D

      Free shipping for all items during the event !

      Expensive overseas shipping costs

      We'll pay for it all.
      Event period: until December 15, 2017​

      If you have any inquires about the event,
      please feel free to leave a message on the Q & A bulletin board, then we will reply to your message.


    2. On the website, the baby body said it comes with free gift head but have no option to choose the head. So does it still come with free gift head?
    3. Is is possible to get a Rebecca in the dark tan skin?
    4. Whats the difference between a normal april story doll and a bjd (they are seperate on your website)
    5. @Aprilstory Still no MSD body released? You told me it would be in December...
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    6. Free head gift event is November event.
      This event is currently closed.
      The December event is a free shipping event.

      tan skin is not currently produced.
      We will receive your order through the event soon.

      The bjd category is a space that sells dolls of other companies instead.
      Currently, there is no sales agent.

      It is still in preparation for release.
      We are getting a little slower than planned. T_T
      It will be released in December.
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    7. I'm really happy Clover is back, I thought she was gone forever. Will you ever offer just the heads in the future?
    8. I'm really interested to get head only as well :abambi::abambi:Are you considering to open a head only event?
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