Event [April Story] SPECIAL EVENT in October (the ending of the sales of dolls)

Oct 17, 2018

    1. Hello~ :D

      EVENT 1! *** 1 + 1 SPECIAL BOX ***
      With composition of (One piece of April Story doll) + (One piece of April Story doll),
      you can purchase two pieces at a much lower price than normal selling price.
      Please do not miss this special deal at exceptional prices.
      Event Products: All the products displayed on the main page (except AS Baby type)

      EVENT 2!! *** If you buy 1 + 1 SPECIAL BOX, you will receive [Baby] or [Kid] as a gift.***
      If you buy 1 + 1 SPECIAL BOX during the event, you will get 1 free Baby type or KID type doll.
      Because it is an extraordinary event, if the prepared Baby type or KID type dolls run out,
      the event will be terminated early.
      The prepared event Baby type or KID type dolls are 20 pieces. Please order as soon as possible.

      EVENT 3!! *** 50% DISCOUNT EVENT ***
      All the April Story products are 50% off!
      During the event, you will get 50% off on all the April Story products on the main page.

      Event period: until November 31, 2018


      Greetings to customers
      We are going to send two sad news

      First- operation suspension of English site of AprilStory

      Due to insufficient staff members for operating the shop and worsening business,
      the operation of English site of AprilStory is suspended.
      The English site of AprilStory will be operated until December 31st, 2018,
      and it will be suspended after that day.
      (The bulletin board for A/S will continue to be operated even after December 31st, 2018)

      Second- the ending of the sales of dolls

      As the contract regarding all of the Ball Jointed Dolls now being sold on AprilStory is terminated
      on November 31st, 2018, all types of Ball Jointed Dolls are not sold since that day.
      For those who want to buy the dolls, we would like ask for purchase before November 31st, 2018.

      The shop is never going to be closed!

      We hope to see you with new dolls as soon as possible. If you have any questions,
      please leave your questions.

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