Update [AprilStory] 10 Days Preparing Time & Classy Doll Sale Closing

Oct 19, 2016

    1. Hello, this is April Story.

      We'd like to announce you two things today.

      Announcement 1.

      Manufacturing time has shortened from 60 days to "10 business days"

      April Story has tried to ship out your orders in time.

      However, after the fire disaster and turn over of our staffs after the previous 2015 Winter Event,

      we had a hard time keeping up with our shipping, which resulted in big disappointment on us.

      We apologize for it here once again.

      We made some changes in our production and shipping system in order to prevent the delay to happen.

      For a result, now you can receive all items in [10 business days after the payment is confirmed].

      We will keep trying our best to make your experience with us a pleasure.

      + Note 1 - Orders placed until 10/18/2016 will be shipped out on 10/25/16.
      Orders placed from 10/19/2016 will be started being sipped out after 10 business days.

      + Note 2 - This only applies to April Story items.
      Please be aware that Classy Doll items will still take normal manufacturing time.

      Announcement 2.

      [Classy Doll] item that are currently sold on our website will be only available until 11/10/16.

      You won't be able to make a ClassyDoll order after that time.

      So if you're interested in purchasing a Classy Doll item,

      make sure to place an order before 11/10/16.

      April Story is still responsible for any after service of Classy Doll items sold on our website.

      If you have any inquiries, please use Q&A board.

      Thank you.

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