Event Aprilstory 2017 Senior & Junior Event Information

Jan 24, 2017

    1. Hello, everyone! :)
      The special event end date for 2017 has been determined.
      Event end date is February 28, 2017.
      If you are interested in the event, please use it as soon as possible!

      2017 Special Event
      1. All the items on the main page will be on 40% discount.
      2. 1 FREE head for 1 body purchase.

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    2. The operator will change from March 1st. :)
      And The items in the shop will be changed from 60cm doll to 40cm doll.
      For that reason, sales of senior and junior types will be discontinued on March 1. :sorry
      Also we sell the prototype of Senior & Junior type.
      If you are interested, please refer to the notice of the shop.
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    3. Hello Aprilstory,

      is the gift head chosen randomly by You or can we choose it ourselves?

    4. You can choose the head yourself! (I bought from april story before, its a nice company!)
    5. There is a drop-down menu on the order page and you choose which head you want while choosing all your options.
    6. will you ever have tan skin available?
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    7. Is it possible to purchase entire doll instead of just a body and get a free head? Can we buy a doll with the open eyed head and get the sleepy head for free? Instead of just a body + free head. I'm just wondering if you can make possible before all is discontinued.
    8. Can you still do layaway with the bodies on sale?
    9. Oh wow this is an awesome event! I'm also curious if there will be layway in this sale period?
    10. I already asked them, and they told me its not avariable anymore :c