New Doll [AprilStory] 7 New Senior Boys and Girls!

Sep 26, 2016

    1. Hello, everyone!

      April Story has released 7 new senior types.

      We uploaded a detailed video of the new types on our website.

      NS17 BOY: LUKE Sleeping, DANIEL Sleeping

      NS16 GIRL: VICTORIA Sleeping, BETTY Sleeping, DAISY Sleeping, EMMA Sleeping, REBECCA Sleeping

      < EVENTS >

      * 40% Discount event is currently on going.

      * 1 Free head event for 1 body event is also still on going.
      ( promotion for the below senior bodies)

      * The event will be over on 9/30/16.

      LUKE Sleeping

      DANIEL Sleeping

      VICTORIA Sleeping

      BETTY Sleeping

      DAISY Sleeping

      EMMA Sleeping

      REBECCA Sleeping

      [​IMG] [​IMG]
      NS17B / NS16G

      Thank you!
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