New Doll [AprilStory] New Junior Types Released!

Jun 7, 2016

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      1. New Junior Type Bodies [N13] are released!

      Renewed Junior girl and boy bodies are released.

      Body design and mobility of the body are modified

      that now the knees and elbows have triple joints.

      Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

      2. New Faces are released!

      2 Senior Girl types

      3 Junior Girl types

      2 Junior Boy types are released.

      3. Renwal 1+1 Gift Box

      1+1 item allows you to purchase 2 dolls for cheaper price.

      Don't miss out this great chance!

      - Target Item: All the items on the main page

      - Period: until there is an announcement

      (Manufacturing period for the event items is 30-60 business days.

      Face-up item takes about 90 business days.)​

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    2. Conglatulations!
      Where can I find the detail sizes of a body?
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