Sales Promotion [AprilStory] Special Stocks on Sale

Jul 25, 2016

    1. Hello, everyone!:)

      April Story is selling all the canceled items from the Winter Sales Event with 50% discounted price.

      These items are originally for Winter Sales Event that were canceled :(

      They were finished manufacturing on June 31st 2016.

      Items on stock for 50% discount:

      Senior Boy Adrians (5)
      Senior Boy Fall (6)
      Senior Boy Winter (3)
      Senior Boy Anthony (3)
      Senior Boy Joshua (1)
      Senior Boy Raven (1)
      Senior Boy Heron (1)
      Senior Boy Body (4)

      Senior Girl Sue (2)
      Stella (w/ face-up) + Junior Girl Body (Breast B) + Heeled Feet, Heeled Leg (1)
      Sue (w/ face-up) + Junior Girl Body (Breast B) (1)
      Junior Girl Body (Breast B) (1)

      * All items are in normal skin tone
      * Number in () means number of stock for the item
      * After all stocks are sold, the sale for the items will be over
      * You cannot change or choose the detailed option because these are pre-made items

      Shipping Schedule

      This item will be shipped out on 8/16/16 regardless of your order date.

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      • I'm very interested in Adrian. I was wondering if he was coming with faceup ?
    2. Adrian doesn't include the face up option. Thanks:)