Aquarius Doll 16cm?

Aug 30, 2017

    1. Does anyone know if Aquarius Doll is still in operation? I like their 16cm line but their website doesn't seem to have any movement since early 2016
    2. Any knowledge nuggets?
    3. I really like them too and have been eyeing them for some time now, but I have no idea about whether or not they're still in operation. I never thought they might not be. Maybe send them a message if you haven't already?
    4. I posted a question on their website asking if they're still active and if they'll be releasing any new dolls and they responded fairly quickly. Here's what they said:
      Thank you for your interest.
      We can not release new dolls for a while and will release new dolls next year.
      Best regards,
    5. Their shopping cart seems to be functioning, and now I have seen Winnie I really like her! Just what I need, more dolls on my wish list... They are not offering face ups though, I note, so may be semi shut down?