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AR anniversary present!!

Feb 20, 2006

    1. 0.0! They need pictures! And I'd like to see the FMK kit pictures too. I'm kind of excited :)
    2. it's a surprise, that's why there arn't any pictures ^^
    3. Awh I just saw: This Package is hidden.
      No choice, No trick.

      It's an interesting deal
    4. "Very Nice 3 more Shoes"

      Woah, this means 3 pairs or shoes for USD50, no? (They can't possibly mean that there are 3 shoes? Or is it that it's nicer than 3 shoes... *dizzy)

      Yes, anyways, this is very very tempting. I like surprises. But I don't like that the items, when they arrive, might not match my boys' style... *goes off to think..

      Anyways, thank you for posting this! ^_____^
    5. Where it says "Little Fair : Jade-Mano Package (FMK", is that really two dolls you get?? A boy and girl version of Jade for that price??
    6. sorry, um, what's FMK? and what is this Little Fair : Jade-Mano Package (FMK)?

    7. I'm pretty sure it is both dolls! Though it mentions Warrick and Aida (probably a cut and paste accident), the "Include" section does say "two in one package"! It's a really good offer!
    8. FMK : Full make-up kit.

      And the Jade/Mano package is an AR Anniversary special :

      This Package is hidden.
      No choice, No trick.

      Jade is a Boy
      Mano is a Girl
      (Same Head)

      This is birth anniversary Kit

      Warrick boy
      (Jade, rather...) + Wig, Shoes, Basic Outfit, Makeup, Eye
      Aida Girl
      (This would be Mano) (+ Wig, Shoes, Basic Outfit, Makeup, Eye
      Two in One Package

      Include Shipping Cost.
      Finished Makeup, Jointed

      Shipping Date : Mar. 31

      1 People only 1 package.
      (Can buy various package one by one)
      Time Limite Mar. 31.

      Jade Boy Basic Kit Price : 364$USD
      Mano Girl Basic Kit Price : 364$USD
      Start : April. 1
    9. Ooh, man - and I have birthday money to spend!


      I'm confused, though: am I allowed to buy, say a small boy set of shoes and clothes, or not? Would I have to file two seperate orders to do that?

    10. I think that you could do that, just not get 2 of the same package:)

      1 People only 1 package.
      (Can buy various package one by one)"
    11. Do you have to buy the doll to get the clothing/shoe/wig bags? PM me!
    12. Oh man. I so want that wig package.

      Hey! Maybe a trade thread could be organized for everyone who orders. That way if you get something you don't want you could trade it with someone who does.
    13. i wonder if all the anniversary outfits are the same for whatever sex you choose or if there are several different outfits.
    14. romanesque_gothic > trade sounds like a brilliant idea, but with all the Issues around swapping lately, I'm not sure how many would participate.
    15. Do SD13 or Fair size shoes fit CP boys better?
      Wow... love for AR!
    16. ACCKKK, question... ;___; for the anniversary sets, will they run out of stock or you can keep on ordering until 31st march? >_<;;
    17. i thought i already stated a reply, but.. =3=;;

      are any of you going to buy the jade-mano set?

      If you are, will you split or keep both of them? x_X;;
    18. Do AR shoes fit Luts dolls? *curious* Because that's a great deal on shoes.....
    19. I'm not really sure how they fit on other dolls ^_^ I only have ar and Bf bodies.