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AR Little Genie

Mar 19, 2005

    1. Apparently, AngelReigion is coming out with a little doll! There are some pictures at the top of their site, and the "information" page is here.
      According to WorldLingo:
      Just FYI.
    2. I wish I could find pictures ?
      10 cm ...!!! thats about the same size as the Seret Fairy and Ssin ?

      Oh no ......... :D
    3. There are pictures! Well, picture. The little dolls in the header image at the AR Korean & Japan site. (that say 'Where is my Master?') The header image shows the sleeping versions.
    4. Its cute..but..
      reminds me of some iligitimate Jay-Leno child.
    5. I've resisisted the tinys until now....gah!!! they are adorable!!!!*curses angel region*
    6. She reminds me of one of the Elf Doll sisters.

    7. loookkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk :D :D
      I thoght that , one looks like Mins little Sister
      but not surprising they are sculpted by RainMan......

      I am trying to resist ...I said I would only have Min and the Elf Boy when ever he comes...no more ...but Im just a sucker for RAINMAN ...sigh ...Im in love :D :D
    8. I think I just found my tiny doll. She's adorable!
    9. The Japanese Angel Region has four different Little Genie (spellings vary) dolls. There are two headmolds, "Ring Ring" and "Pink" (sleep eyes).

      The dolls are:
      Ring Ring (the basic eyes-open doll, usually painted to show teeth)

      Little Geenie Koharu, LTD Edition of 20 for Japan

      Bio (I translated this on the fly, so apologies for any odd phrasing):
      One day, as I lay sleeping all alone, a day that was different from usual began.

      "Hey, wake up. Get up out of bed."

      It was the voice of the sweet-scented wind, who gently spoke to me.

      The naughty warm wind tickled my toes.

      When I gathered my courage and stepped outside, I was greeted by my first ever warm spring breeze and spring sunlight.

      Ah, but because the light is so bright, I can't open my eyes yet.

      "It's okay. I'll be here for you."

      That's right. You will eternally be by my side. Even after this spring is over.

      From what I understand, it sounds like Koharu is going to be exclusive to the Japanese Angel Region site.

      The basic dolls:

      Basic Eedward [sic]

      Please imagine my appearance.
      As if drawing on a beautiful pure white sheet of paper.

      You and I, our fated first meeting.
      This is a wonderful kind of magic.

      You are my own magic-user.
      (Basic Edward comes with closed eyes (headtype 02 Pink), closed hands.)

      Basic Lilica

      Lilica has the same bio as Eedward, but comes with the RingRing head (open eyes) and completely open hands.
    10. I ordered a Lilica, it says the shipping delay is 15 working days. I'll post photos when I have her.
    11. ;-; I know I want some Elfdolls someday... but these are beyond wanting.... I officially need these! :: dies ::
    12. are they avalible to order? Not on the english site right??
    13. I left a message on the English site and asked them ...as soon as I know I will let the board know , if they arnt going to sell them on the English site why have a their picture on the front page ?
      we will know soon enough :grin:

      ive just ordered mine :grin: :D :D :D

      now a name ...what to call her !