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AR Prices... Up?

Jan 5, 2006

    1. I searched for this but I didn't find anything, so hopefully I don't sound stupid posting this...

      But I was looking on AngelRegion today and saw that the prices are higher than I remember them being. I ordered Phaerie and she was $298, and now they're... $364?

      Also, on DollsandFriends there were a few different prices... I think they mean that they're different kits (whether they're assembled or not, etc.) but it's really confusing...

      Does anyone have an explanation for this? @_@
    2. Some AR dolls actually do come sanded... though I think only the LEs. My roommate's Present Re came sanded... If you look in the description, it'll say "sandpapered" if it has been sanded.

      More than likely though, it's because their costs went up or because the US dollar isn't doing as great as in the past.
    3. But doesn't the main page say this:

      (it goes on with Fair prices etc.)

      So... the new price includes shipping, doesn't it? Or at least I thought so. ^^;;
    4. also usps shipping rates are increasing next monday too. thet may have added to the increase in costs for the AR Shipping.
    5. According to the AR site, they said that the new prices are included with Shipping ^^;;;. So I guess that is why the priced raised. I am not too sure myself >.<.
    6. Because now the price includes the shipping cost to anywhere...
      It's what they told me...
    7. Ah, if they include shipping, then it's not so much of a raise... Although, I'm not sure if shipping to the US is as expensive as shipping to Europe? I usually pay something like $60 for the shipping of something dollie-sized.
    8. my standard LF Cien was FULLY sanded and coated, FYI.

      And if it's that they just lumped shipping into the total cost, that's ok. If not, we really don't need another company trying to copy Volks' astronomical price range >_<
    9. On the AR web site, fo the Belladonna doll I ordered, it says shipping is an extra charge, so I don't think the price raise includes shipping for every doll...it looks like that is the case for some, but not all. They also have the new price at the top of the page and forgot to change the old price below.