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Archival BJD Storage

Feb 16, 2016

    1. Pardon if this is in the wrong thread.

      I've been reading the threads and online searches about how to store BJDs. The one I've had for a couple of years has some yellowing on her face only, probably due to my crappy first time as doing a face-up. I also left her in a dark corner of my studio work room and she is still in good shape, but not in the box.

      I mention this because for years I worked with museums and conservationists for preserving works on paper, textiles/costumes and other objects like accessories, etc. we used acid free boxes, tissue and the like.

      I don't store my doll in the box because I'm concerned about the box. In fact I'm considering ordering a few archival boxes and tissue to keep my growing collection in when not in use.

      Does anyone else do this with their dolls, besides using cotton gloves to handle them?
    2. I've not heard of anyone doing that exactly, but I have heard of people getting large storage tubs for them to keep them clean, safe from pets or pests, and free from damage by being crushed or wet.
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    3. Most of my dolls are out on display, but the ones I have boxed up are wrapped in acid free tissue. Yellowing is going to happen even if your doll stays in the dark forever; it's just the nature of the material. I'm more worried about the elaborate, lace like body blushing on some of my very limited dolls. If that gets damaged there's no way I could fix it, and I'm not sure I could return the doll to the artist for a touch up (though she will repair broken parts, so maybe). I do use white cotton gloves to handle some of my dolls, but mostly I just make sure my hands are clean.
    4. Yes, leaving them in the dark is not a permanent solution and they might get scared! ;)

      I was wondering about the body blushing or any mods to the body- but you are correct, there's no way to stop the resin from aging.

      Maybe I'll do an experiment and keep track of two dolls in different storage arrangements over time and see what happens.
    5. I keep my crew on display in a set of glass-doored cabinets, well away from the windows. If I were keeping them boxed, I probably would go for archival boxes and tissue. I did that for one of my non-BJD dolls (my Dakin Merlin, who was a gift from a family member-) who isn't kept out. I've never bothered with gloves... I just make sure my hands are clean before I pick any of them up.

      'Trouble is, the resin our dolls are made from is going to yellow in spite of most sensible precautions. Unless you also go to the lengths of storing them under carefully climate-controlled circumstances with no exposure to oxygen, there will still be color changes over time. Simple exposure to the air will do it, even absent UV light or excessive heat. That's just the "nature of the beast"...
    6. I have no long-term storage solution in place, but I may consider investing in archival boxes and acid free tissue if I were planning to put them away. Right now I like having them out, so I haven't looked into it. Since my home isn't a consistent temperature and humidity and they're going to yellow anyway over time, I figure I might as well enjoy looking at them (though I do keep them out of direct sunlight save for a few photos, and always wash my hands before handling them).