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Are 60cm Delf dolls articulated the same as activeline Minifees?

Dec 1, 2008

    1. I can't seem to get any of the detail photos on luts site to come up so it's hard to tell... is the articulation of the Delf body like that of the new minifees?

      I really like the articulation my Active Line MNF has and was wondering if a particular type body on the 60cm Delf dolls is the same?

      Thanks for any help!
    2. *Tvorceskiy* - thanks for the answer!

      Anyone know if the type 3 holds a pose as well as the activeline MNF?
    3. FairyLand has announced plans to release a 60cm line that will (according to rumor) have articulation similar to the MNF A-line. No dates available yet, but if you're willing to wait a while, I'd suggest holding out and seeing what the "Feeple60" will look like.
    4. Anyone have a link to this announcement? :D
    5. While we're splashing through the announcement rumors, someone said they saw an announcement on Luts that they would soon be offering the type 3 male body in the optional parts category. The poster was wondering if anyone had heard anything about the type 3 coming out for the 60cm female bodies there.

      Right now the type 3 (which basically has the same knee and elbow system as the pukis and littlefees at Fairyland) is only available with the Lu-Wen and one other male doll, I believe. The Harang special?

      Personally, if it comes down to it, looking at the differences between the a-line and b-line MNF bodies, I'd be happiest with the Luts Type 3 for a 60cm body. I still think the b-line MNF body is a tad more elegant than the a-line, mostly the leg contours. I don't know why they shrank the body/legs down from the lovely b-line body. (And haven't seen an answer yet as to whether the Fairyland b-line bodies are the same height as the CP/Luts MNF bodies.)
    6. The Type 3 body is available with Lu-Wen and Jess.

      Personally... I wish it had a torso joint. But it's nice to hear it will soon be an option part.. Exciting news.
    7. T3 will be offered as a optional part, Luts announced this a while back with their winter event announcement.
    8. Yes! That is something I was very excited to see! Luts announced that starting during the Event, one had the option of choosing the Type 3 body for any of the "standard" boys. (El, Shiwoo, etc...)

      :D:D *happy dance!!* :D:D