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Are all Soom Mini-Gems the same size?

Jan 20, 2007

    1. Their doll description doesn't give measurements and my Uyoo elf needs a buddy, since no one else in the house is her size. My Uyoo is guardian of all my tinies. But I love this girl, too!


      My Uyoo:


      Anyone have pictures of Uyoo with another Mini-Gem?
    2. I have only one Mini Gem, a human Uyoo (with the old face-up), but they are all the same size, 30cm/12". See http://dollsoom.com/infodesk/custom_center.php for more info.

      I wouldn't mind getting an Aren myself, to keep Violet company.

    3. Yup, they are all the same size. ^_^
    4. Thanks for the info, guys.

      It might be nice to have a sweet boy in that size.
    5. Oh definitely, that would be better company for Violet too ;)

      There is a male 1/6 doll made by Souldoll, Kimmy, although he's a centimetre (about 2/5 of an inch) shorter.

    6. Kimmy is shorter? Well my Alice Aren will just have to wear flats whenever Kimmy comes to live with us. Unless Soom makes a boy Mini first, lol.
    7. That's funny because I love the Aren on the link you are looking at... I almost ordered her. It's also nice that she is the least expensive. If you get her, please post pictures.
    8. I'm waiting on Alice Aren ;) It's only been a week and a half.
    9. I got my Alice Aren today, but I don't have pictures yet - she's sooo sweet :)