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Are all Volks SD suwarikko bodies the same?

Aug 13, 2007

    1. Sorry for another silly post.

      I THINK the answer is yes, all SD10 suwarikko bodies are the same? I don't think I even know of any that don't have "normal" skin tone and UV protect.

      That said, in some pictures they look a little different around the shoulders and the coloration.

      I just wanted to check with the experts before I spend lots of money!

      Thank you guys for the treasure trove of information and advice!!
    2. Oh, and are suwarikko bodies less stable/more likely to slump over?
      I have had that kind of slumping problem with smaller dolls and it drives me nuts!
    3. Hey Vae, Suwarikko bodies only come in Pureskin which is (almost always?) normal tone so you are right! The only difference in color would be if the body had yellowed, that and resin tone does tend to slightly vary. However, not all are UV protect, so you'd want to ask about that before making a purchase.

    4. Thanks!!! I must be imagining the "differences" at the shoulder joints, and hopefully the color differences are just the camera. (They are supposed to be "normal"... but the colors are so different online.)

      The ones I'm looking at all claim to be UV protected. (Yay!)
    5. The dolls/bodies could look different in color due to photographic lighting, and the difference between the shoulder joints could just be the kips system disks making them appear that way:daisy
      Since the bodies you are looking at are UV protected then you shouldn't have anything to worry about since they would all be fairly recent.

    6. Thank you! I have officially ordered a (used) suwarikko body! ^-^
    7. grrats on ur body ^^
      I'll add that my suwarikko body poses a lot better than SD13 girl body XD
    8. All suwarikko bodies are of the same design, but they may differ by two things:
      - UV protect and kips or not
      - What hands they come with

      The suwarikko most certainly does not slump! Volks bodies aren't much prone to slumping...
    9. grats on ur body, ill be getting a suwarriko most likely when i get my fcs mini ^^