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Are all your dolls from one company?

Sep 21, 2009

    1. So I was thinking about how some people love Volks sculpts and feel that Volks is the only true BJD company and how other people can't stand Volks molds but and at the same time really love Soom limiteds.

      Or someone that is broke and only buys Dollzone, or someone who finds Narae's hard to pair with other sizes..

      Are all your dolls from the same, favorite company? Or do you have a mix?
    2. Currently yes. Both my dolls are from Bobobie (one still in transit, though), the reason being mostly becuase the first dolls I had physical contact with were from that company, so I understood the quality and feel of their particular sculpts, and becuase I just really fell in love with their 27CM tinies. Their low price was really just a bonus and made the first doll purchase a whole lot less intimidating.

      I purchased two from them so that I could have a boy and a girl of uniform size. Tinies can be especially hard to pair since "tiny doll" pretty much means anything under 40CM, and I wanted smaller ones, but not severe choking hazard tiny, like a PukiPuki. :sweat And their elf ears. I love their little elf ears.

      Since I only have 2 dolls of my own, I don't think I can say I have a favorite company. My next purchase is going to be from another company, whichever doll on my wishlist get's grabbed next, so I don't know. I really like BBB, and am fullest impressed and pleased with them, but that doesn't stop me from falling for other dolls, if that makes any sense.
    3. Not at all.

      I have one Luts Delf boy, an Elfdoll Soah, 9 RML heads (5 on Volks SD bodies, two on MSD, one on Luts Delf body, oneon Dollstown elf body), A Kaye Wiggs on a Volsk SD10 body, a Kaye Wiggs tiny, a Dollstown 7year boy and girl, and a 5Year girl, 4 Custom House tinies (2 Little Junior, 2 Petite), two Banji, lots of fairyland (4 LittleFee, 3PukiPuki, 4 RealPuki - plus a LTF baby on the way), 2 Unoa Chibi, 2 Ail (1 on Volks SD13 body, 1 on a Minoruworld Junior body), a MerryDollround head on a Custom House Ai body, a Lusion Daish, One Volks Sd 13 boy, 2 Ninodoll heads (one on Volks body, one on Dollstown 13 girl body), Narae, a Limwha and a "Frankensteined" hybrid (of Unoa, Kaye Wiggs and two different Kid Delf).

      I tend to buy based on the individual doll face (and then body details) rather than sculpts all form a particular company. So far, the child-dolls from Custom House and the smaller Fairyland dolls are closest to getting any form of Brand Loyalty from me, along with Volks SD and SD13 bodies.

    4. My dolls are from quite a few different companies, Dollmore, Customhouse, Luts, Souldoll, Unidoll, Iplehouse, Peak's Wood, Soom, Dollstown, Doma Doll, Elfdoll, Narindoll, Serendipity, Not Doll Roxy, Fairyland, Felix, Planetdoll, Bobobie, Sleeping Elf, Musedoll, Pipos & Castleanne. I like diversity in my collection both in type & resin color. I collect both SDs & tinies so many companies are represented.

      I must admit a special fondness the old Unidoll Limited line, the tan Luts dolls & the big Souldoll boys though 3 of my very favorite dolls are Customhouse Choa & Ceebee with Evenstar face-ups & Customhouse Special Line tan Jun with Rolling Pumpkin Goth face-up.
    5. Once upon a time, all but one of my crew were Cerberus Project sculpts... Delfs and MiniFees. (The one "token" exception was Seimei, my Dollshe Hound-)

      That was several years ago.

      Since then, I've added a few Volks guys, two Luts dolls, an Elly Elf Banji, an IpleHouse Akando and several Soom monthly sculpts. (I didn't keep my Hound. He now belongs to a friend.) I've also owned and sold an AS Gabriel, a Gomi Igon head, a few FantasyDoll bodies, and Elfdoll Rem Soah head, two DollFactory Anthros, a second Banji and a Migidoll Yu Jin head-)

      The lion's share of my collection are still from CP, though, and they're still my favorites over-all... But it's not quite as competely a "one company show" as it used to be over here.
    6. At least 75% of my dolls are from Cerberus Project. :)

      I have dolls from other companies -- Volks, Dream of Doll, Crobi, Psych Doll, Dollcatch, Dollzone & Dollmore -- but Cerberus Project are by far my favourite, *and* the company I keep going back to. I have Delfs, Feeples, MNFs, LTFs and a Puki - and I'm waiting on a Delf Lishe Special and a MNF Karsh. :)

      (I've also sold far more dolls from other companies than I have CP ones...)
    7. So far, yes ^^ I really love the BlueFairy Louis sculpt which has ended in me getting twins :sweat. But my next doll is from Fairyland, so I'm curious to play with the posing :D

      If I had the money and really wanted to, I'll probably try to get more BlueFairy dolls. I find their head moulds very cute and sweet.
    8. Definitely a mix for me. :)

      My first was from Iplehouse and my second (which I'm still waiting for) is from Souldoll.

      Looking at my wishlist, these are some of the other companies I'll probably be buying from in the future:
      Alice In Labyrinth
      B&G Doll
      Doll In Mind
      Dream of Doll
    9. Nope. I've had dolls from Luts, Fairyland, Dollshe, Lati, Soom, Narin, Volks...certainly I prefer some companies over others, but I'm not a ____ company purist.
    10. I first fell in love with DoD's Homme Ducan and since I was so new to bjds, the only companies I knew of were volks, luts and DoD. At that time, I was convinced that I was going to get all of the DoTs eventually. (I even made a list of the order I'd buy them in... :sweat)

      Now that I know of many many more companies and beautiful sculpts, my tastes are definitely more varied! I'm still pretty particular about height differences and how the dolls pair up next to each other (a lot of companies' dolls look too young for my tastes. ^^; ).

      Although, I'm getting dangerously addicted to Immortality of Soul. Their head sculpts are absolutely gorgeous and I can't wait for them to release their 70cm! (*__*)
    11. Actually I try to get dolls from different companies, and I have a reason. As I strongly prefer SDs only I try to choose a dolls that 'fit' each other and look like several mature people in one scale. And those people should vary in height, like real people do. Usually companies offer only one body of a certain size so it's impossible to satisfy my requirements :) Also some companies like Soom have guys and girls in the same height (65 cm), and when girls wear high heels they become taller than guys. So I was forced to search elsewhere as I wanted a girl to be less tall than a guy)))
    12. I only have two dolls, and they're both from different companies, Souldoll and Luts. As far as my wishlist goes, Volks, Iplehouse, Rosette School of Dolls (Soom), Supia, and ShinyDoll are all on the list and I really like Unidoll. However, I have a real preference for Souldoll but could never be a purist though.

      I like variety for my own collection. I'm actually rather surprised that I have two MSD girls right now because I almost feared that they would be too similar
    13. I have ten dolls, and no, not all of them are from the same company.

      Dollmore - 2
      Luts - 2 and a half
      Fdoll - half
      Bambicrony - 1
      Piposland - 1
      Crobidoll - 1
      Fairyland - 1
      B&G - 1
    14. I've always had a healthy mix of different companies, but over the years the percentage of various companies has come to refect my tastes: for example up until mid-2007 my favourite company was Cerberus Project by a mile and I had more CP dolls than anything else... since then my tastes have shifted towards Volks, and now I've got a much higher proportion of Volks dolls. I adore all of my guys no matter which company they're from, though, and I'd never get rid of any of them once they're home for good :3nodding:
    15. My crew is mainly Cerebus Project dolls, they're still my favourite but are closely ties with Volks and Souldoll and Soom.

      When I first started I went down the cerebus project route, I just love their dolls, if I could I would continue down that route and by alot of their dolls. Similarly I would be the same for Volks too. But with a limited income and too many dolls I like I do have a healthy mix of companies. Including heads and incoming at home I have a proportion of, 4:3:5 (CP:Volks:Others - DZ/bobobie/Musedoll/Migi/Soom) but if I add in the 2 hybrids bodies, I have a nice mix of 9 companies in total.
    16. I can't imagine sticking with one company tbh, I've always had a selection right from the start but I will admit that I have more Cerberus Project than any other company. I love the mix you get with many companies sculpts together personally :)
    17. Currently yes (although I only own two), both are Luts delfs. However my next one is going to be from dollzone. Personally I'd never stick to one company, there are just to many wonderful sculpts and I could never restrict myself to just one make. That's just my own personal feelings though. :)
    18. I got 4 dolls from 4 different companies.

      All together, I've had 6 dolls, from 6 different companies.

      Right now I have a ResinSoul, B&G, Dollzone, and Felix. I've also had a Fairyland and a Volks.

      Nothing to do with loyalty or dislike of any company here. I just snag what I like and can get at the time "D
    19. At the moment I have no two dolls from the same company. Aside from the incoming Customhouse Little Juniors (who are twins) I don't have any from the same company on my wishlist. After coming up with a character I tend to do a lot of research on different company's sculpts, and I seem to have gone for variety over similarity. I really love the quality of Angell Studio dolls, but at the moment don't have another character who I could fit with one of their sculpts.

      (Also, I wish I was "broke enough" to buy Dollzones, I'd love a Floy :P)
    20. I have 3 types of dolls here at home, SOOM, Dollmore and D.O.D, i have just placed an order for Mecha Angel Rex (SOOM) and on my wishlist are dolls from Pipos, DollsTown, ResinSoul and Unidoll, but i wouldent be surprised that more will come ;) :D :P