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Are Blythe wigs sized for 60cm BJDs?

Aug 6, 2008

    1. Sorry if this has been asked before, but I was wondering if wigs made for Blythe would fit a regular SD head.

      I'm having a heck of a time finding the perfect wig for my SSDelf's 23.5cm/9-10" noggin, and while I was searching on ebay, many 9-10" wig results were tagged with "Blythe". Then I discovered that searching for "Blythe wigs" brings up lots more results. I've never owned a Blythe doll and their heads have always seemed oddly proportioned to me (apologies in advance to any Blythe owners :sweat). So, does anybody know the answer?

      (um, I just realized that maybe this should be in the Larger Dolls discussion.:doh How do I get a mod to move it for me?)
    2. I'd love to know this as well... A lot of the Delfs have heads that are too bif for many wigs that are tagged SD size. Does anyone know this?
    3. Blythe wigs are huge. O_O With some modification, they do sorta fit. But they are still going to be huge. Blythes have massive heads. I sold two Blythe wigs because they were simply way-way too big. The wig consumed my friends massive SD Nono head.
    4. Ohh, me too! My 57cm girl has a head-size of over 9 and a half inches. I've seen conflicting information about Blythe sizes ... I think on DollMore their wigs are listed as 9-10 inches (which would make them a good size!) but then I've seen them on another sites listed as 11-12 inches O_o;;

      There are Monique wigs, which often have sizes well beyond 9/10 inches.
    5. i cant say i know about blythe wigs ^^; but leekeworld's 60 cm boys have HUGE 9-10 inch heads, so they have tons of wigs that size =3
      and soom's mecha angels have 9-10 heads as well, and they have lots of lovely wigs for 9-10 inch noggins ^__^
    6. The corretc size for blythe is 12...
      seems quite large BUT a blythe wig fits larger to cissy madame alexander vintage doll.
    7. I probably wouldn't try a Blythe wig even for my Nono (who doesn't even fit some Volks SD wigs!), unless it was just a 9/10 labeled "Blythe size". For most larger headed dolls, I'd just stick with wigs that have nice, stretchy caps. Besides Leeke, may I also suggest Cancan J-series wigs? Most of them have a very stretchy cap, and they come in size 9-10. If you decide to order Monique wigs though, if the choices are for a particular wig are either size 10-11 or size 8/9, go for the 8-9. Monique wig caps are so stretchy that I can even squeeze the 8-9 on my Nono, while the 10/11 is huge.

      Good luck finding a wig you like! :)
    8. Pullip wigs are a better size (size 10 for my Nono). There are some ebay sellers that will sell wigs for blythe and pullip (meaning they say it will fit both). These are usually size 9-10 wigs that are stretchy and will stretch up to blythe size. These have worked well for me in the past. Just keep an eye on that size number and don't go over 10.
    9. Yeah, Dollmore's listing was one of the reasons why I thought Blythe wigs would work. However, I asked friends who own Blythes, and their answers I got were
      1) Blythe wigs generally run large and
      2) Blythe heads are flat on the back, so wigs made FOR Blythe wouldn't work on SD heads.

      So basically, wigs made for 9-10" SD heads will work for Blythes, but not vice versa, which was I think where the confusion is.

      Thanks to everyone for all the answers! You've all been really helpful!:)