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Are body-sharers multiple dolls or not?

Sep 19, 2016

    1. For those of you who have multiple unique sculpts that share a body, do you consider yourself to have only one doll or multiple dolls?

      I am not talking about different "versions" of one character, I mean two completely different sculpts/face-ups with different clothing styles and personality, etc.

      While I would certainly consider multiple versions of a single character to all be the same doll, I'm not sure how to feel about body-sharing characters. Are they each a doll in their own right or is there only one doll there?

      Also, say you have multiple body sharers, say, two bodies for four heads. Are all four heads interchangeable between the two bodies, or do they only share certain ones? And how many dolls is that anyway? (lol)
    2. I go by what has been assigned.

      For example-if I have a two floating heads, two headless bodies and two dolls and all of those things have characters than I would say I have six dolls. However if they haven't been assigned characters and this really only ever applies to the bodies, I might say I have five dolls and one doll body waiting for inspiration. Very rarely would I ever consider a floating head, just a doll head waiting for inspiration. I feel like a head is so much a part of a doll. Maybe if it was blank and I was totally at a loss of what to do with it? I think truly at the end of the day I always would consider myself having six dolls.

      As far as dolls that share bodies, I would go by head count. The heads make up the characters and make up the doll count I think. So you would have four dolls if you have four heads and two bodies.
    3. I usually think of it as 1.5 dolls (well, 3.5, since I have two others who are separate from the head-share equation)? Like... Moz doesn't have his own body so he doesn't quite count as a doll, but he's definitely his own character, even when he's in 'living severed head' mode.
    4. Rather dependend on how i got the head. The free event heads ive gotten as gifts from fairyland but did not really want are just that to me. Floating heads, nothing more, nothing less. Sometimes I pop one on the body for sometime, but they are quite easily forgotten.

      But the Soony head I got, that I really wanted, and had wanted for quite some time, got a very expensive face-up, has a personality and really feels like a doll to me. She carries the group body most of the time.

      So I count Soony as a full doll, but dont count any of the other head that share the body at all.
    5. I tell people I "technically" have seven dolls, even though I have 6 full dolls and some heads. I have one floating head that shares a body with one of my main crew members. The only reason the floating head isn't in the main crew is because I don't have her full look together (still needs her proper eyes, wig, clothes, etc.).

      As it's a Little Monica head sharing a Little Monica body, that's why I count her as a whole other full doll. She's going to have her own Little Monica body. That's kind of where I draw the line for it, the body she shares is the same as what she'll have herself when I can order it (albeit a different bust size).

      My Switch head, however, I would not consider a whole other doll as my only boy body is a poor match resin- and size-wise and he's going to look really wrong if I share the boy body between the two characters. Plus it's important to his character now that he has the height of a Switch 65cm body, not the shorter Luts body I currently have. If I had the intent to purchase a second Luts body just like my first, then I'd probably consider him a full doll like the situation with my LM girls.
    6. I gave up on trying to figure out what counts years ago. XD I just sort of list it all out now, like "I have 17 full resin bjds, one head, and two non-resin BJDs".

      In the case of body sharers, say two bodies shared between four heads, I'd count it as two full dolls and two floating heads when discussing dolls, but as four characters when discussing the written/roleplayed/imagined aspects of it.
    7. I'd only count complete dolls when asked how many dolls I own, but when asked how many characters I have shelled, that count would go up because I would include the floating heads.
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    8. I count heads as dolls when they have characters. For instance, I have three 1/3 scale girls but only 2 bodies, and two 1/3 scale boys, but only 1 body. For minis, there's even more body-sharing going on. ;) While I have a number of complete dolls in that size, there 2 bodies that are shared by 5 heads.

      In my crew, certain heads go on certain bodies. One of the mini bodies is used by 3 heads, and the other is used by 2 heads. Putting one head that usually goes one body instead on the other body doesn't make the same doll. It just feels to me like the head is on the wrong body.:3nodding:
    9. I state the number of dolls I have by how much space they take up. If I have 10 full dolls and 2 extra bodies and 5 floating heads I'll just say "I have about 12 dolls." I don't count dolls or parts that I am already trying to sell or already planning to sell because they aren't part of my "doll family" in my mind anymore. When somebody asks the question I guess I just throw random numbers at them. :sweat

      I agree, if somebody asked me how many characters I have the number would be much higher because sometimes I have floating heads and body-sharing dolls that I'm very attached to and am not planning to get rid of any time soon.

      This whole issue is so difficult for me! I am torn between wishing to have only full dolls (and no floating heads sharing bodies) and wanting to save space and money by keeping a few sharing bodies. That's why the question of "how many dolls do you have" is so evil! :XD:
    10. I can't handle body sharing permanently so I don't have to contemplate it all that hard, but as far as I'm concerned if it has its own character, it's its own doll.
    11. I just share body just to see how my floating heads will look with body for a little time, but i return the body shortly, so i think not, i just count dolls with bodies and not the heads.
    12. Several of my dolls body swap, because it's easier for me to store heads than full dolls (and I'm picky about bodies). If people ask how many dolls I have, I'll tell them I have 23 fulls dolls and 16 heads. But, I still technically consider the heads a doll, whether they're painted yet or not. All of my heads will eventually have their turn on a body, as long as I have one that they fit on. Though, there are some who don't have to share since their body won't work with any other heads I have (they're the lucky ones lol).

      Whether they count as a doll or not all depends on how you feel about it. In my case, the bodiless heads floating around are their own doll...despite their bodilessness. So, I could say I had 39 dolls if I didn't want to go into depth about just how many floating heads I have. I would also consider multiple dolls of the same character their own dolls, since they technically would be (especially if they're different sizes, if it were just different heads/faceplates for the same doll I would be less likely to separate them).