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Are boy dolls really less of a challenge? More boring? XD

Jan 22, 2006

    1. Owners of boy dolls: Does anyone feel that boy dolls are less of a challenge because boys are... well, you can't do very much with them dress-wise? It would look like girl dolls are more fun because there are so many ways to dress them up. So many different types of clothes, accessories, etc. But boys (especially the ones that don't cross-dress... XD) are kind of limiting, if only because there aren't that many boy clothes and accessories to choose from. (It's like playing Sims2. The variety of clothes and accessories for guy Sims is pathetic, compared to the range available for female Sims. X| But I digress. XD) Also, do you ever get tempted to dress your boys in "out of character" outfits just for the heck of it? =3

      For seamstresses: Do you find it more fun to design for girl dolls or boy dolls?

      I like my boys because they are pretty low maintenance in terms of wardrobe, since they aren't flamboyant or out-of-the-ordinary characters. They're just everyday types who are happy to be in simple shirt-and-pants ensembles. But I do confess that, every once in a while, I get tempted to buy them a sinfully punk or rocker type outfit from Y!J just for the heck of it. Just to see how they'd look in something completely different and out of character. X]

      * Edited for typo. XD
    2. Well, the main reason all of my dolls are girls is because the boys' wardrobes are so limiting. XD
    3. I don't think boys are less of a challenge or boring. In fact, I think they're more challenging.... boys have that elusive 'perfect' outfit you need to seek out, and its harder work to find it.

      That said, I actually really dislike most of the girl's clothes that get made - whether its the style OR the quality of it. So even though girls maybe have a wider range of things to shop around for, I'd say the ratio of genuinely nice clothes for boys and girls is about the same.
    4. No--I have no problems with boring boy clothes. You can make them dress as wild or funky as you want and really have fun experamenting. Even less flamboyant characters can still wear interesting out fits--look into different textures patterns, jackets and other accessories. Sometimes having some limiting factor can inspire creativity as you work around it : )
    5. I don't think boys are the least bit boring - you can create many outfits, and styles, even if you don't have the option of throwing a skirt or dress into the mix. I think in this way you could say dressing a boy is more challenging. =3

      Or you could be cruel like I am and put them in a skirt or dress anyways. <3
    6. Guys are more limited?
      [grins] I don't know about that!

      There are a *lot* of ways to dress up a boy, and not all of them are as dull as the standard "tee-shirts and jeans". My own guy, fr'ex, is going to spend most of his time in kimono... with occasional side-trips into other, sometimes very fantastical, costumes. The problem I'm having isn't a lack of othions... It's too many interesting possibilities!

      Girls, on the other hand, seem to be *harder* to find interesting outfits for... in my opinion. If you don't want the Bratz Look, goth-loli, or sex-kitten gear good clothes are few and far between.
    7. No way!

      My boys' clothes run the gamut - from Justyn's torn bleached jeans and sandals to Vincynt's studded gauntlets and elaborate "bat" jacket with metal accents. The fun thing about my boys is that they lend themselves so well, character-wise, to a variety of outfits. They're never boring to me; in fact, I seem to have a lot more freedom and creativity with the four of them than I do with my (for the moment) sole girl.

      Boys are love. <3

      (The only way they might be "less of a challenge" is because they're so easy for me to work with when taking photos. I guess that counts? They don't make me work hard enough to get good shots, darn it! XD)
    8. From browsing doll sites and photos, I think it evens out. I am judging veeery subjectively based on the number/quality of female v. male dolls in sites in my bookmark list - so I'm only counting clothing that I actually liked. In fact, my favorite site features boy dolls.

      However, a lot of the best boys' outfits are weirder - with a scifi, fantasy, historical, some-culture-or-other-based, or punk vibe, for example - and if you compare girls' normal-type clothing with boys' normal-type clothing, the girls totally win for wardrobe selection. xD

      And for some reason I seem to have seen more shoddy or amateurish girls' outfits than guys' outfits (no offense; it's not as if I can sew well either).
    9. From what I've seen, the boys have more unusual/unique outfits. There may not be as many to choose from, but they're often much more artistic and creative than what I've seen being made for the girls. I have a harder time finding girl clothing that I like, actually. It's not hard to find accessories for them, either. You just have to be a little more creative in how you see and/or use different objects to complete a look.

      And I can't be the only one that thinks skirts don't automatically turn a boy into a "crossdresser." If a skirt goes well with an outfit and a boy doll wears it well, it certainly doesn't make them any less masculine or anything the word "crossdresser" implies. :p
    10. What?? Noway! XD I prefer boy dolls way over girls ^ ^ and about the dressing thing, have you not met my Kiatou(doc U)? XD He wears dresses and skirts just like any girl would, just because he's a boy doesn't mean he can't wear female clothing ^ _ ~ My boys all have different fashion styles and so I think shopping for them is fun and theres alot to choose from. Kiatou wears girl/egl clothing, Tokia wears real boyish things, and Kawashi wears punk-goth/aristocratic gothic clothes ^ ^ Boys can be just as fun as girls heh heh^ . ~
    11. All my dolls are boys that wear normal style clothing, and I really don't think they're boring at all! It's fun to try and decide between all of the different kinds of jackets they could wear, or cargos versus slacks versus dress pants. The shapes of the clothing tend to be similar, but the colors and styles can have a really wide range in a casual way that's harder to pull off with girls, in my opinion (though I wouldn't mind having a girl someday!).
    12. I prefer boys over girls, and I like my boys to be casual. However, I have a girl doll and one on the way...to get girly things for xD
    13. I don't really like girl dolls, so I'm stuck with the boys! :smile:

      I don't see them as less of a challenge. Rather, I think they're even more of a challenge! I used to be (and still am) alot better at designing clothes for girls, and I always had more fun because it was easier. Now though, I'm starting to make myself design for boys, and while its not as easy, its still fun, because I'm getting to do all sorts of things I haven't done before.

      So, no, boy dolls are not less of a challenge in my opinion.

      On another note, has anyone noticed that there's alot more leather outfits for boy dolls around? :wiggle I spent the last few hours trying to track down as many leather outfits as I could, and I can tell you girls are seriously lacking in that department. Just another reason boys are so great! ^__^
    14. I don't find my boys boring at all. ^^ They always dress to fit their personalities, but the clothing styles are so different between them... The only problem I have is finding something Kelyn wants to wear. He's the pickiest since he used to be an aristo and he prefers classy-looking clothes. Anei prefers black/goth, and Tali prefers semi-casual/browns. I never get bored...I'm just challenged finding outfits they love in different styles. :)

      I don't like most girl clothing, because it tends to run very cute or goth-loli, and not even my planned female-types will wear that...
    15. I don't know, frankly, I wouldn't even buy a girl doll if it wasn't for my daughter.
      She wanted a doll-brother and a doll-sister :) I would have only boys if it were up to me!

      I think boy dolls are not limiting in either way... both make-up and clothing can be as elaborate as you want... plus, they are more sexy (lol... I am straight, so shoot me!)
    16. I beg to disagree. I can always find something to make for Kazutaka that's boyish enough, if I look in manga for ideas. Dresses to me are boring and normal, so I guess I'm opposite. Girl dolls are boring to me, but boys are more fun.

      And dresses for tinies are evil. Poor little Lily, she's going to hate me as a mother~! ; . ;
    17. Boys are actually more of a challenge to sew for. Because girls generally wear a larger variety of styles, any deviations from human styling can easily be explained away. With boys, if it's not right, it doesn't look right, and explanations don't cut it.

      The two most complex outfits I've ever sewn have been for boys - they don't look complex, but that's what the details are all about.

      Whether it's more fun to sew for boys or girls depends greatly on what mood I'm in at the time. Sometimes I'm in the mood for ribbons and lace and ruffles, and sometimes I'm in the mood to do hand tailoring.

      This is why I have girls and a boy :-).

    18. I don't really find it a challenge to own boy dolls. For me, girly clothes aren't that attractive. I am a girl and I JUST started wearing skirts, over pants, without showing leg. I own more ties than my boyfriend and can CERTAINLY tie them better than he can. The types of clothes I would like for a girl, leather skirts and such, are the types of things Quinn wears. I don't consider him a cross-dresser, though (anyone else probably would). I don't ever feel the need to dress them out of character, unless it is a joke - like when I dressed Quinn in the lolita stuff my roommate got for her girl.
    19. I perfer my boys. I can make them clothes, actually making shirts now. Mine perfer regular stuff though. Kyo is a bit gothy though.
    20. Actually, in all honesty, my one boy(and my mom's boy) Are more fun to dress than my girls. I mean, I'm a girl. I can dress myself... It feels weird making mini versions of my own clothing. Wheras my boys can wear awesome boy clothes and guy jewelry and all that. Also, my bows are more interesting to play as characters because it doesn't feel like I'm talking to myself. ^^;