Are CustomHouse AI Gene / Jin the same head?

Mar 6, 2005

    1. Is this doll the same head? Just with different names?

      I'm in love with Gene, but was so dissapointed when I didn't see another "Gene" doll in the CH basic section. But later on I heard two people discussing Gene and calling him "Jin" too. I took another look at "Jin" on the website and thought I could very well see some similarities... the make-up, eyes, and wig are just so different, I couldn't tell before...!

      So, am I just crazy and desperate for a Gene, or are these actually the same doll? :?
    2. Gene Jun and Jin are different doll molds.

      Gene is a basic unlimited boy , Jun is a limited only boy (i have one) and Jin.. im not sure about him?

      Gene and Jun are VERY similar, but differ in chin shape and size... but a gene is a pretty good jun replacement. they are very similar.. but i do not own both and can't compare.

      Plus Azrael (my doll) has Jun written on the inside of his head.
    3. Thank you! Yes, I do believe that Jun and Jin are similiar, it's that face shape. A lot of other features are the same, but there seems to still be enough of a difference that they are seperate doll molds...

      But after doing some more hunting, I'm pretty sure now that Jin and Gene are the same doll, CH just changed the name for some weird reason. O_o:??

      In any case, I was completely fooled because the make-up on Limited Gene and Basic Jin is so very much different! I love Gene's face-up, though, I would definitely want that or something like it on my Jin doll. ^^
    4. I could be wrong, but I seem to remember reading somewhere that Gene & Jin are the same doll.
    5. Gene = Jin (dunno why they changed the spelling of his name)

      Gene/Jin & Jun are twins, thus the resemblance.

      Gene/Jin = unlimited
      Jun = limited
    6. Gene and Jin are the same doll.

      Gene's name was changed to 'Jin' after CH found out that there is a famous doll already named 'Gene' (a fashion doll).
      They thought it will be better to give the difference between the two so that's why the name changed.

      Jin and Jun, are lovely brother heads that I adore so much>_<
      They look a like, but has so much different details when you see them together.

      -Sei :daisy
    7. It always seems to me that Jun's head seems more finished than Jin/Gene's. Jin/Gene's nose always looks unfinished to me.
    8. I love my Jun and my Gene/Jin/Gin. ^_^ They do look like brothers to me. I think the Limited make-up is really nice.

      Jun (and his "girlfriend" Cebee) are only available in special editions - CH plans to never release them as Unlimited Ai.

      Special Jin came with the priest's outfit and eyes half closed.

      To me, Soye looks like their sister. ^_^

      Unlimited Jin will be available again soon. :D I think I heard that the Unlimited Ai would be available again in the spring.