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Are Delf boys and girls necks really that different?

Sep 8, 2005

    1. I think I've finally found my 'dream' doll. I love my minis to death but I've always known I wanted ONE large -resin- doll (i hear my DD and obitsu sharpening knives in the kitchen now...), but here's the problem:

      Head: Shiwoo Dreaming Vampire head in white.
      Body: Luts Mature female body in white.

      I know with other companies the male bodies have much thicker necks and sometimes modifications have to be made to move a head from doll to doll. What happens if the neck I -want- to put the head on is smaller than the neck it was originally made for? Has anyone else put a delf male head on a female body?

      Also, another stupid question - since the shiwoo vamp head is only available by itself, and the female body is available by itself, how will i be sure that the resins will match? Should I specify if/when i order that they will be being put together? Can someone point me towards the person I would need to contact about something like this?

      Sorry for the n00bish questions, I've only ever purchased my dolls secondhand before and this whole buying-directly-from-a-company thing is throwing me off. *_*
    2. Well I can't answer the neck size question...yet...but I believe as long as you order the head and the body at the same time they should be from the same batch of resin, so the color match should be just fine.

      You could always ask them to put the dreaming head on the body when they ship to you. I'm sure they'd have no problem doing that.
    3. I've linked to some pictures of my female Chiwoo in this thread, if you'd like to see what a male head looks like on a CP girl body. As far as I know, Luts doesn't sell the mature body seperately, just the Soo body with smaller breasts. There's been a couple of dreaming Shiwoo females on the boards recently, I think. (Search is acting slow for me at the moment, else I'd find them for reference ^^;;)
    4. Actually, I believe there *is* a dreaming Shiwoo girl hanging around somewhere on the board. She has a twin (brother?) Shiwoo as well! I am not sure what body she is on, but I do know there is a difference between Luts boy and girl necks. Perhaps an oldskin Volks SD White body would fit better? I have seen a Chiwoo girl on SD body (can't remember who sorry) Of course, you might not notice the neck difference at all-- I haven't seen one in person!


      EDIT: here she is!
      She really is lovely (on SD13)

      Lolly has an opened-eye elf head Shiwoo girl :)
      She is on Luts girl