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Are Dollshe white & normal skin similar?

Sep 2, 2005

    1. I haven't ordered Hound yet. Now they have white skin. I looked at Dollshe website but the 'normal' skin looks whiter that the white skin. Must be the lighting. I emailed them asking if they would post a photo of both dolls together so that we could compare. They said they would sometime in the future.
      They decribed 'white skin' in their email as being 'not alive' and 'not breathing'. Sounds dead?
      For Hound owners with normal skin, how white is it? Does he have a definate pink tone?
      Does anyone have a white skin, and what does it look like?
      Thanks for any info.
    2. There are some photos of the "White Hound" at Tensiya, but I don't think anybody's seen a photo of him with a regular Hound to show the skin difference.


      To be honest, "White" Hound looks slightly LESS pale than "Regular" Hound, although a lot of that probably has to do with lighting.

      Nobody has "White" Hound yet, they haven't started shipping out, AFAIK.

      Good luck!

      -- Andi, still waiting on Regular Hound from Anu, wahhhhh!!
    3. Regular hound definitely has a pink tint to his skin, at least my roommate Grimm does. They are still very light, pale in skin tone and that pink tint is much more pronounced if you put him next to one of my CP BW dolls.
    4. I'm really interested in seeing more pics of white Hound as well. I'm thinking a white Hound would be a perfect fit for a character I have in mind, but I need to see more pics first.
    5. Regular Hound is pretty darned white with a slight undertone to the skin.

      Out of all my dolls, my Hound is the whitest of em all, kind of a sallow whitish skin tone.
    6. When I look at the stuff on both Tensiya and on the gallery at AngelTheCool.com (Anu's personal site), I kind of see that White Hound mainly lacks that faint pink 'glow' that Normal Hound has.

      The Tensiya images don't bring out the differences as well as I'd like, but there is one on the White Hound page where you can see the SA in the background a bit, and I believe the SA is normal-skin toned.

      Sai is a Regular, and he's pretty pale, but he still looks fairly healthy. I'm pretty certain White is a few steps lighter, perhaps going more for the 'Goth Pale' look than Normal is.

      Not sure if any of that makes any sense..
    7. I concur with Sai. Regular is very pale compared with other dolls they are white, with just a touch of pink. So my guess is white is without the pink.
    8. I was at a party last night with Sai, and Karisu's dolls were in attendance. They're all Volks dolls with their version of 'normal' skin. Sai is quite pale in comparison to them. She was saying that he might be a rough equivalent of beauty white for Volks.

      White Hound, apparently, would be even paler than that.

      I'll try to get a picture up for people to see sometime soon.
    9. actually, here is Morpheus and Tach (HD Hound and Jun T.)

    10. Oh wow, I did not see that Anu released an SA Hound...
      Anu works so hard!
      The white skin can't be all that different, since as many have mentioned, hound is really pale to begin with.
    11. I have both Volkas BW and a normal skinned Hound, and they really are quite similar. The Volks doll is just BARELY a bit paler, and that's mostly because of the very SLIGHT pink tinge to the normal skinned Hound. I imagine the white skinned Hound would be VERY pale.