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Are "Fantasy" dolls more attractive to you?

Jun 2, 2009

    1. I'm curious if people find the dolls with wings or elf ears or hooves or vampire fangs to be more attractive than dolls that look more like "normal" people?

      I for one have been in love with Fantasy for over 40 years. I love finding a BJD with elf ears or horns or wings - not so much vampire fangs as they aren't one of the areas I'm particularly attracted to. I SO want Chiron the centaure - I just can't afford it. I'm thinking about taking some of my favorite books and seeing if I can create characters from them.

      What about you'all? I know there is an interest in anime characters as dolls, but is it just anime or is it 'fantasy' characters? Is there anyone else that likes elf ears and wings more than the 'regular' dolls?
    2. Not I. Even my sprites have human ears wherever possible!

      Despite having read fantasy and SF for decades, while I enjoy looking at the creativity in creating the structure of the fantasy half-animal dolls, and might enjoy handling one to try in a photostory, at the moment I enjoy owning my human-looking types more. Which isn't to say a transformation wouldn't be an interesting thing to try on occasion, for the sake of a story. But on a practical and long-term level, I'd rather manipulate mid-60cm and smaller, and with fewer parts to break or chip off. And that fit into my limited available "shooting space"!

      Plus, it's not just the fantasy aspect, you also have to be into the facial sculpting style of the particular company producing the dolls. (And be okay with elf ears getting longer and longer--)

      I know my position will be considered a renegade one, particularly in the midst of the current fantasy-creature fever, but you know, there's something I used to hear from a lot of my SF/Fantasy con friends: It's a good thing we're not all into the same things, or the dealers room would be a bloodbath!
    3. Well, I am a huge fan of elf ears, but all the characters I have in my head are flexible. Wings and horns and hooves and whatnot are nice and look really awesome on some characters, but I can't really see those things working on my characters.
    4. I like both fantasy themed dolls and normal humans--a lot depends on the individual sculpt and the character I'm trying to embody.
    5. I like both fantasy and human dolls-I'll pretty much second Taco in that. Not a major vamp fan (Sorry, Florian dear-you are an exception, as you well know!), but I'll give almost any elf a second look. I like to look at other peoples' hooved and pawed and horned dollies, but don't want to own one.
    6. Well, I don't know about normal, but I don't have any what I would consider fantasy dolls of the type you have. Most of my dolls wear street clothes and have styles either from a sort of suburban, city, or classic Victorian/Edwardian setting. When a company presents a doll to me that already captures those styles I admit I can be attracted to it because I know it will fit into the set looks I'm going for.

      If I did end up buying a doll that was presented as a fantasy doll, I'd end up changing it to fit what I'm already going for. This, though, means if I see dolls in colourful skin tones with hooves and horns and elf ears I can appreciate the look, but I'll let others purchase and enjoy it.

      I have noticed a growing number of people on DoA being into the more fantasy type styles and that's fine, it's just not my thing. I came into dolls from the more simple cute and anime styles. I don't have any plans for any dolls of the fantasy type dolls which as hobbywhelmed said is all the better for me because then I don't have to get caught up in all the fervor. I just hope that companies keep making dolls that appeal to a large number of people and don't try to go after the niche market of the moment.
    7. That's interesting, I hadn't thought of the fantasy dolls as being the "niche market of the moment" because its an interest I've had for years. I'm always looking for fairies and dragons and pegasi, etc. But you are probably correct. It probably is a momentary flash, but I have to admit that I hope it stays around for a few years. :) But naturally I wouldn't want it to crowd out all the other styles, just find a place of its own.
    8. At first, I admit I was very attracted to elf ears, fangs and hooves, but now I'm far more critical of bjd. Just having pointy ears will not impress me any longer, haha!

      Then again, I came to bjd having been a collector of stodgy old antiques and cloying, simpering European "art" dolls for over 20 years, oof! I was so ready for something edgy and dark. Elf ears and Vampire fangs were so welcome to me at first, you have no idea!

      But I have always been wary of gimmicks, and though I have an abiding appreciation for all things called in western culture "fantasy", I do not turn off my critical faculties just because a doll has pointy ears, wings or hooves.

      So no, "fantasy" dolls as such are not automatically more attractive to me.

    9. I look at the sculpt first to see if I like it and research blank heads in particular. Fantasy sculpting is really just lovely gravy on top of it all. ^^
    10. All my dolls are fantasy characters, but only one so far has fangs and pointy ears. They look like humans and wear (mostly) casual our-wordly clothes. It's characters that make them fantasy creatures and not some outside features.

      So, for me "fantasy parts" are more of a drawback than attraction. That one doll is an exception - I fell in love with headmold and body sculpt and it didn't matter that boy has fangs...
    11. When I got into BJD's the only fantasy type dolls I was interested in were vampired fanged dolls, and then only those with human ears. Elf eared dolls weren't really my thing, to the point that I didn't order dolls that I liked everything thing else about them, simply because they had elf ears. As of yesterday I have ended up ordering a elf eared doll because I come up with a irresistible back story for it.

      When it comes to other fantasy characteristics (like what Soom does with their monthly dolls) I wouldn't mind owning one of the male dolls, but that is because they would fit one of my already existing characters and not just because they are fantasy dolls.

      So really, while I hope to own at least two fantasy dolls, for the most part if a doll has fantasy characteristics I find it to be a negative and am less like to purchase that doll.
    12. Not really. For all the elf-earred and/or vampire-fanged sculpts I have over here, plain old human-types are still the majority.

      As for wings... a few have them, but Pally's the only doll who gets to wear his regularly. (My cats will never mistake his little resin wings for one of their toys. I can't say the same for Hideo and Kim's feathered ones. XD) I do like wings, but around here they aren't exactly practical.
    13. I really prefer fantasy style dolls over human type. To me BJD's have an almost ethereal quality to them already and it's wonderful to see them bring elves and other mystical beings to life. I see humans everyday already LOL.
    14. Personally, I'm not a fan of elves or mythical creatures. (I mean that I won't actively seek out such things, not that I hate them or anything.) So a doll with elf ears or hooves won't automatically win me over. I like some vampires over others, although I don't actually own or plan to own any vampire dolls.

      I do however enjoy sticking wings on my Yo-tenshi. That's pretty much the extent of fantasy elements (or at least those which you've mentioned) in my collection.

      This hobby tends to cross over with many, many different fandoms (for lack of a better word), like fantasy, anime, dolls in general, photography, etc. This pretty much guarantees a wide spectrum of tastes and diversity in options, which is a good thing and will assist the hobby to grow as more people become connected to it.
    15. I like humans almost exclusively... I wouldn't mind a grey skinned one though maybe, or a pipos doll, but hooves and whatnot are not for me.

      I could see myself doing feathered angel wings, just for the sheer challenge of it, and I have a thing for angel stories.
    16. I think the fantasy dolls are really interesting, but a doll still has to hit me the right way for me buy it.

      I enjoy and look foreward to the Soom MDs, for sure, although I've only purchased two. For me I don't think they are pushing the fantasy envelope ENOUGH. I admit, I want more extreme sculpts, more options, more skin tones, different style of wings and horns. Like Soom Amber- If she's had an actual rack of antlers that would have been awesome! Or, why isn't Feeple making tiny bat wings for the Little Fee and horns.

      So, YES I LOVE fantasy dolls but the majority that have come out aren't fantastic enough for me!
    17. I don't really find too many of them interesting to be honest. Maybe one or two? The only one that's really grabbed me so far is Soom Heliot and even then I was only after the open eyed head without the horn. I prefer humans really.
    18. fantasy themed dolls do tend to be more attractive to me, my non fantasy dolls are goth, so there is even a darker borderline fantasy element in their aesthetic. However this does not mean I am just gaga over fantasy in general. Some may notice that I have many elves, werewolves and even a dragonling in my collection, but no soom monethlies yet, and this is a matter of choice not circumstance. I just am not that interested in owning most of them, they are stunning, but don't personally appeal to me, though I may oggle them from time to time in owner threads and on the site. The doll, human or not, has to speak to me for me to be interested in it.
    19. None of my doll's characters are human and I want to show that. They just happen to have pointy ears so pointy ears they get. They aren't elves...probably more comparable to Vulcans and Romulans than elves...
      Guess I just don't like humans enough to get a pile pf roundears
    20. I much prefer humans. Most of the vampires look like they need orthodontic work to me (though the Luts and Fairyland ones are very cute!) and for some reason have pointy ears. There must be some cultural thing there because before BJD's I'd never heard of vampires except a very few early B&W movie ones having anything but normal human ears.

      If I had an elf character of course I'd want it to have elf ears (I do have plans for a tiny sprite with pointy ears) but the shorter the better! The longer the elf ears the less I like it. I'd even prefer fairies to have human ears. The chimera ones with hooves and such really don't do it for me at all either, but I love that Soom makes human options on them (even though I really can't afford them right now).

      I also don't like anthro dolls, in almost all cases. I really enjoy seeing the elves, vampires, dolls with hooves, etc. in the galleries, but for myself I'm just picky and biased toward humans.