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Are Iplehouse Iris and Louis the same mold?

Feb 11, 2009

    1. This might seem like a really silly question but are IH's Iris and Louis the same sculpt?

      They look really simular to me in most of the owner images I have seen, especially the eye shape in comparison to other IH scuplts. Does anyone own both of them or has seen the two together in person and can answer this question?

    2. I can't be sure to answer this right, but I used to own Louis for two years, and looking at that guy and then Iris from multiple owner pictures etc, they do look similar but they are not the same sculpt. Louis has a tad more wider lips and mouth, when Iris's mouth is made a bit smaller. Also, if I'm not incorrect enough, Iris head is a little bit smaller than Louis. ( someone correct me if I'm wrong )
    3. I don't own either one, but there are some subtle differences. Her lips are smaller and more round than his. His cheekbone area juts out just a bit more than hers and her cheeks are more round than his. Her nose seems to angle straight out at the bottom (that bit that separates the nostrils? I don't know what it's called) where as his angles up slightly.

      Her nose also seems to be a bit wider in the nostril area than his.

      It could be that one was based off the same mold as the other, or that IH had meant for them to be like siblings. It could also be that they liked the mold but wanted to make one head a bit more/less feminine than the other.

      They DO look very very similar though. I think if I was looking at buying one I I'd get it in which ever gender I was going for. The differences are so minor it's really hard to tell.