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Are there any Asian face Yo-size tinies?

Oct 22, 2008

    1. I have a few tinies of this size now: YoSD Kuuta, Petite Ai Gabriel and Uriel, and Ange Ai Hani. I am going to order a Littlefee with the new face mold. The problem is, all my dolly kids are caucasian, and I'd like to add some variety to the mix. I should add that I am not interested in the Domadoll Venus girl, because she looks a little odd to me with the baby face and adult female body. I am looking for child dolls. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
    2. Thanks, that doll does look Asian, but I was looking for something bigger (about 25 cm),
    3. hmmm i'm not sure if i would consider any tinies in this range specifically asian looking dolls with an epicanthal fold in the eyelid, slightly recessed brow and high cheekbones. I have high standards for this sort of thing. . . but you might consider some of the more cartoonish sculpts like Leeke or Jaimedoll. Dolls with more definition in their sculpts like Bambicrony, Volks, or Honey Delf won't work.

      Secretdoll makes an exaggerated Asian looking doll called Oriental Binu, but she stands at 31cm and has slimmer proportions than your other tinies.
    4. Leeke is the closest I can think of. I really wish Elfdoll would make a Yo sized Soah, she'd be beautiful.
    5. Thanks, I'll look at the Leeke dolls. I looked at Secretdoll, too... but I just can't seem to find any realistic Asian sculpts. It would be nice if Customhouse made some kids that look Korean. I think it's kind of ironic that all these Asian companies produce almost exclusively caucasian dolls. I'd love to have a little "kindergarten" on Yo-sized kids, but so far they are all white. There aren't even any tanned tinies of this size, except some extremely limited Customhouse doll that I believe is sold out, anyhow.
    6. Maybe a Yo Megu?
    7. Yes, Megu looks a little different, maybe 25% Asian. Unfortunately, the price people are selling her for is totally unaffordable for me.
    8. Bambicrony has more than one release of tanned dolls in that scale. I think there may have been tanned Lati Greens that were released earlier this year? I know they had the smaller ones in Tan. Also, Bobobie March/Isabella can come in Tan, as can Tinybear's Moona in Yo size. Not sure if DZ has a tan verision or not.

      There are definitely more options than just Custom House for tanned Yo-ish dolls.
    9. Going to look at Lati Greens and Bambicrony.
    10. You may have to do secondary market for both of those, though I would expect either to have a rerelease sometime within the year.
    11. It seems that all the tanned ones are sold out... but they are not really that "tanned", just a slightly less white shade of caucasian. Customhouse had a really dark tanned doll. I would like to see some more of that. I would like a tiny that looks Indian (from India), and one that looks Korean. If I could find a black tiny with black features, that would be a dream-come-true, but that's impossible to find, frankly.
    12. Not sure I agree, I think the BC tanneds are pretty similar to Customhouse, personally. If they had a really dark tan, it may have been a one-off.

      The only dolls I've ever seen with black features were Cocori/Aaron from Iplehouse, and Mellow Cole at Dollmore. All three are SD size. Luts has a nice tan tone, but so far it hasn't been released in the Honey Delf size, and they use the same molds as they do for NS/WS dolls.

      Perhaps we need to work on Tinybear to make a larger Mina to use the Moona body? Imagine that in dark tan!
    13. I had one tan CH that was very dark, but the rest were are a lighter shade that is lovely! With brown eyes, I think they look very much like some kind of beautiful cultural mix. Will post pics tomorrow when I am not so sleepy!
    14. Me too, I think she'd be a must-have

      How about Dollmore's Narsha?? She's light skinned but I think Asian looking
    15. Narsha isn't Yo size. She's closer in scale to MSD, 14" I think. I agree, though, she's fairly Asian looking.

      Oceangirl, did CH have different "dye lots" with their tan resin? Every tan CH I've ever seen has been a light to medium shade, leaning to the orange tone, just like BC. I'd love to see a darker one, I look forward to your pictures.

      The Lati tan that I've seen (at least on my LatiBlue boy) is pretty light. I know that Elfdoll has a great tan color, as does Luts and Iplehouse. Volks had a wonderful tan color with one of their SD16 girls (Ruby?), that would be wonderful on a Yo.

      If wishes were fishes....
    16. I think that Bijou of Leeke has an asian look with a red make-up.
      But I never saw a real asian-like face of tiny.
    17. Thanks for all the suggestions... so far I'm not seeing anything that comes close to what I had in mind (realistic Asian sculpts), but maybe in the future some of these companies will come out with some Asian kids.

      Ocean-girl, do you have pictures of your dark CH girl? I'd love to see.
    18. I disagree with the Bijou suggestion. . . his nose is huge. you can't tell from the leeke pictures but I saw one in the marketplace that clearly shows his bone structure.

      I think Littlefee Pipi can look non-Caucasian. He'd be great in a tan resin.

      clochette, I'm having trouble with linking but you can check out the darker tanned resin CH dolls on gigglegeek's website: www.gigglegeek.dk.

      I wish there was a wiki database for all the head molds. . . gigglegeek is such a great resource but it must be so hard trying to keep up.
    19. Here's my darker CH girl (Gabriel)...though she's not mine any more!


      Still in da house:

      Tan Sariel:
      (the more orange-toned tan Clochette was referring to)




      Side by side their colors are all a bit different! Very cool. I like that about CH tan dolls.