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Are there any dolls you think only suit one hair colour/eye colour/style etc?

Mar 17, 2010

    1. Morning all :)

      I'm curious if anyone else has similar opinions to me: are there any dolls that you believe look best in one particular style? For me, Fairyland's Ante sculpt looks best as a red head: I love seeing her in that colour. In contrast I've yet to see a Lati that I think looks really good with red hair: I think they suit blonde and brown the best.

      Anyone else?
    2. I have my preferences yes, for certain hair and eyes in a mold, but I don't think there's any doll out there that looks good in only one haircolor. It depends on hairstyle, skintone, faceup and everything. There's too many factors involved.
    3. i think skintone and faceup really decide which wigs look best, thats why I really try to get those right for my characters :)
    4. I think dolls can have any color of eyes and wigs, depending on the depth of color in their faceups and the color of their resin. My Ante has black hair and looks just like my dark haired, icy-blue eyed niece did when she was little.
    5. I definitely agree with that :) I guess I meant that the default face up and colouring suits red hair perfectly: I think other colours look good too but red on lots of Antes seems perfect to me :)
    6. Well my mini fee lishe likes red hair, and looks strangeee in other colors. But on the other hand I've seen lishes in other hair colors and they look fine! so maybe mines just picky lol.
    7. There are some default faceups that look best with certain eye/wig colours, but if you're gettng a custom faceup I think most dolls can suit all sorts of colours equally well. The only dolls I tend to think look best in certain colours are dolls made in coloured resin (i.e. blue, red, grey, etc) because IMO it's much easier to clash with a coloured resin. I think that if you're going for a realistic look, dolls with brown or dark tan skin look best with dark wigs and brown eyes (simply because most people I've met with darker skin tones have black or dark brown hair and brown eyes), but they can look nice in all kinds of colours, they just won't necessarily look like natural human beings (and hey, they don't have to- none of my own dolls have naturally occuring hair colours and only one has a naturally occuring eye colour!).
    8. I think that resin color, faceup, and overall styling have such an effect on how a doll looks, that--if done properly--really any hair color/style and eye color could look awesome.
    9. I can't say I've ever seen a doll I felt that way about. If I ever did, then I'd probably become sort of disillusioned with the hobby because it's the customizability that I love so much about it and a doll that looks good in only one colour/style would mean that they weren't all super customizable.
    10. I sort of make a decision for each one of my dolls as to the range they're going to play in (blond/red/light brown) or darker, and do the faceups accordingly. But that's not graven in stone-my Lt. Tan Song boy looks like a cute gypsy in dark hair, but he looks like a surfer boy in blond. And he actually looked all right in a wine-colored wig as well. My Lt. Tan Sprite tends to go redhead or blond, but she looks good in dark wigs, even though her eyelashes are lt. brown.
    11. My Petsha looks best in silver, platinum and silver-white wigs with aqua eyes. They match her faceup and personality but there are other girls of the very same molds in other hair colours that look fine too but it seems like my girl looks best with those particular things. I've tried other wigs and eyes for her but I always go back to what I had her in. On the other hand my Feilian-2 just went from blonde to black and purple haired and still looks good but I suppose with her it goes with her overall look.
    12. Certain molds are done no favor by certain wigs; chipmunk cheeks and five-heads are rarely what people are shooting for! Even if the haircut doesn't make the sculpt look like it has no neck, some wigs do not fit the expression of the face. Can you imagine a Euclase with surfer spikes?

      E: Color depends more on the face-up than the sculpt itself. But mismatched eyebrows and hair color drive me batty!
    13. This has a lot to do with face shapes and skin tones. Those tend to dictate what colors and hairstyles a doll will look best in. I so wanted my Unidoll Suri, Rowena, to be a blonde, but she defied me and went steadily yellow, so dark brunette it is!
    14. My Dollfie Dream Option Head 01 is a pale blonde, I chose this originally to prevent staining, but it works so well I can't see her in another colour. I tried her in a brown wig and she just looked so wrong! Momoko just works better as a dizzy blonde :)

      I think YoSD Yuh seems to work as a sandy-blonde too, most of the other Yuh's I've seen have a similar hair colour to my girl, and even her original Volks wig was a sandy-brown/-blonde colour.
    15. To me, Volks Hewitt looks best in dark short hair, Glorydoll Louis looks best in blond, and K-dolls look best in very pale or very dark hair but not middle tones.
    16. Yes, I definitely assign coloring to dolls based on their facial structure... I'm having a tough time because someone has asked me to paint a certain doll as a brunette, but it's hard for me to wrap my pea brain around this because when I had this particular model she was a blonde! XD It's fun to see unexpected combinations, though!

    17. I only think that my limited Elfdoll hyacinth must retain her eyes as they were designed to go with her face and so nothing else in my mind could look better.
    18. I'm glad some people see where I'm coming from :) As another example, here's my Lati Lea:

      She came with that black with as part of her set. She looked so much better blonde in my opinion! I don't think in this case it's because of her mold though, definitely the face up on this one :)

      [​IMG] [​IMG]
    19. Definitely! I tend to lean more towards the punky style of anything. Lol. Or dark type of face-up. Like, I love Supia Rosy when she seems to have some edge to her, same for Migidoll Ryu.
      Yet my girl doesn't have dark smoky eyes or a punky sort of look to her. Lol. Nor my boy. It's weird. XD
    20. I guess the dolls can look good with a lot of different options, but for me personally, once I find a "favorite" hair/eye color for mine, I tend to stick to that particular combo. So I end up spending most of my money on clothes, and not really on wigs and eyes. :)