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Are there any immature girl bodies around?

May 27, 2008

    1. I have looked at various sites and searched here, but haven't found much in the way of immature SD sized bodies. Are there any? Peakswood bodies are about as young as they get.
    2. Do you mean the shortest boy doll? Or one with the youngest looking body type? The Peak's Woods boys are one of the shortest but I think Volks SD10 boys are about the same size.
    3. Sorry, I meant girl bodies.
    4. I'd say same answer, different gender. :) The Volks SD10 girl bodies are rather young.
    5. volk's sd10s are the youngest looking sds I know of for either gender.
    6. you could try glorydoll bodies as well. they're sd10 sized and look quite childish
    7. Have a look at this thread for a general discussion about small chested girls in general and a clear picture of the SD body in particular.