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Are there any mature 1/6 size dolls?

Sep 28, 2010

    1. Why is it that all 1/6 size dolls seem to look like children? Are there any that that actually look like adults?

      Does anyone here wish there were any/more 1/6 dolls that do look like adults?
    2. The Soom Minigems, the Limhwa Toyou, the Dollmore Cute/Kidult dolls and now the Lumedoll Lumelight Koit for the boys aren't children and they are all 27-30cm beautiful BJD dolls.
    3. If you want more of the YoSD size there's the Littlefee Breakaway plate but it's an event thing. There's also El which can look more mature.

      Slimmer is the Planetdoll Minis, you can make a Limwho be a teen boy...it depends what age you're going for.
    4. There are also the Souldoll Littles and the old-type resin Unoa Lights, both mature tinies.
    5. Notdoll Lab also has mature tinies. Look under Symposion on their website. I LOVE dolls that are this size because I don't have to sew for them!
    6. I definitely wish there were more mature 1/6 scale resin dolls. I also wish they had a section separate from the rest of the tiny dolls for discussion and the marketplace. I'm not interested in the baby doll tinies but there are so many of them their threads dominate. Finding threads on the mature 1/6 dolls usually involves some digging. In the marketplace, it can be frustrating to find clothes. I constantly find things marked as 1/6 scale, or 27cm in the thread title, and then once I open it I realize it's for the Yo-SD types, not the Mini Gem or ToYou bodies. But I don't think there are enough of them to really merit their own section, and DoA is certainly big enough as it is. At least they are considered on topic.

      MSDs suffer from the same issue to a small degree, but at least if you have a mature sized MSD, you know pretty much anything you want will be tagged "Unoa." There's no such common term used as a distinction between the 1/6 mature/fashion type bodies, and the 1/6 children. Maybe we need to invent one. XD
    7. Hey, that's not a bad idea. :) It would be very nice for there to be more of a separation between types so that we can all find them better.

      But yes I agree that Mini Gems are very nice. :) Thanks for listing all the dolls. :)