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Are there any places that you buy doll clothes from that is not a BJD company?

Jan 5, 2017

    1. I have been thinking about looking around trying to find other places that might sell doll clothes that would fit a BJD, specifically a MSD. Not that I do not like the clothes that are sold for them, but I am trying to find some alternative places more or less just to see what can be found.

      My question to you is: Do you buy doll clothes and or accessories from other places that are not specifically catered to BJDs? Were they found online or did you run across them in person?
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    2. There are many places to shop. One of the best places to start is a site called BJD Collectasy: BJD Collectasy . If you go to their Companies and Other Links section, there is a long list of Doll Companies, followed by a long list of Doll Dealer/Shops, then Etsy and eBay Vendors. All have links so you can get to the sites easily.
    3. I have found clothes that fit my bjds at doll shows (specifically not bjd) and sometimes at thrift stores. This can be sort of hit-or-miss though.
    4. Depending on the exact size of MSD (i.e. slim) some Barbie, Tonner and other fashion doll clothes will fit.
    5. I think it's difficult to find BJD sized clothes in non-BJD stores, a lot of stores only have Barbie or similar dolls clothes which I know might fit smaller dolls but definitely not bigger dolls. I even tried build-a-bear but they're too loose as they're designed for teddy bears (unless you want baggy tops with wide neck openings?)
      If you don't want to buy from a BJD company, then consider the shops on Etsy who make clothes for BJDs? They're not the same as a company and most shops have their own individual styles (with better prices!) If not, you could try EBay!
      I hope this helps! ^^
    6. I have used the Wamami shop on E-bay. Their clothes are all beautifully made, nice quality material and quite cheap. Delivery, from China, is fast, they usually ship the day after my order and I've had clothes arrive in a week. Worth a look, they do shoes, wigs and eyes.
      @Teddy Thank you, I'll keep a look out for them.
    7. I do not buy clothes. Often I have to pay for the shipping costs more than the thing itself. therefore I learned to sew for dolls at home. If I like a thing or clothes, I'm looking for a way to make the Internet a thing with my hands. I buy material goods. this way things sit on the doll perfectly because they are made on the figure of personal baby.
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    8. Thank you for the info, you guys, and I'll be sure to check out the shops you recommended. Like I said, I'm only asking out of curiosity just to see what other people have found :)
    9. Tonner 22" American model underwear fit my Mystic Kids 58cm girl really well.

      I've bought several sets of lingerie from RetroShoppe on Etsy. They mostly cater to Tonner, Evangeline and other fashion dolls, but if you compare measurements, you'll find quite a few fit Minifee, Doll Chateau Kid and similar slim minis.

      High heel shoes meant for Tonner 22" American model fit Minifee A-line high heel feet nicely.

      DebsAdorables on Ebay sells shoes that fit slim mini dolls. The flats made for 14" Kish fit Minifee A-line and Doll Chateau Kid girl flat feet well. Shoes for 10" Ann Estelle dolls fit Minifee Moe girls, but can be hit or miss depending on style.
    10. Yes, do give Etsy a try. Some sellers don't just make doll clothing - it's better described as wearable doll art.

      Some of my favourite Etsy shops: AizawaRei, frezje, NigoWorkshop, cyristinecreations, FeerieDollAtelier, CaramelDollShop, KawkanaStyle, NiagaraElena, venecja ... and I'm working towards setting up my own Etsy store soon too!
    11. I mostly buy from Etsy or private sellers
    12. DoA made a separate category for artisan made clothing (that seems to be ignored here)!

      There are a number of artisans on DoA who create without having etsy shops!
      In the “Handcrafted” section there are also wig makers and others too! I recently
      purchased wigs there both in-stock and commissioned and not only were they
      wonderful and friendly transactions but less costly than going on etsy!
    13. Someone in my local community found a bunch of Christmas sweater ornaments (or air fresheners) at a dollar store.
      It fit YoSD size perfectly and they gave me one for Jewel :)

      I've also dressed Jewel in Barbie clothes before but it was from an old collection and not bought specifically for her.
    14. On Amazon there's a brand called Glitter Girls that's like an American Girl Welliewishers knockoff. Most of the clothes fit many slim minis pretty well, except for the overalls. The straps only need to be made about an inch longer to close properly, and the length of the leg depending on the doll.

      What's great is that they're dirt cheap when they're in stock. 12$ for a top and leggings is a steal in this hobby. :whee:
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    15. MoonlightBJD is a dealer that sells clothes from independent artists from China. I've bought quite a few special sets from them.
    16. I try to make clothes myself, but you can sometimes find awesome BJD clothes and props during the christmas season in the christmas aisles of your local store.

      So far I have bought snow boots which were tree hangers, knitted hats and mittens that were tree hangers, knitted sweaters for SD that were supposed to be decorations for wine bottles, a tutu skirt that came with this nutcracker mouse-puppet-thingy decoration, ...

      I love going through the christmas decorations in store after christmas. So much on clearance and sometimes nice finds for dolls, clothes and prop-wise.

      The only MSD clothes I bought, in the very beginning, were basic pieces like a jeans or t-shirt from Alice Collections. Just so my dolls wouldn't be naked. But I know etsy has some nice MSD clothes as well. I visit Etsy for patterns now and then, that's when I see the doll clothes.
    17. I have a decent stash of Barbie clothes from my childhood that I've "borrowed" for my tinies. For standard 27cm yo-sd, Ken/male doll and curvy fashionista clothes fit pretty well - I've been picking up fashion packs from my local Target. I also have some 19cm anthros in standard Barbie clothes right now. Target also has a baby doll brand with separate clothing packs that look like they could fit the bigger/"baby" MSD dolls like the standard Volks ones, but I haven't actually tried them yet.

      Also, for any creative types, I work at a Joann fabrics, and some of the trim there is big enough that it could very likely be easily turned into doll skirts with just a minimum amount of sewing.