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Are there any super-tinies...

Mar 22, 2007

    1. That are customizable? I want to make my own Bottle Fairies, and so I'm shooting for 4-5" at most, but all I'm coming up with are Pullip and Blythe, and they all have rooted hair :(

      Are there any customizable super-tinies that I can buy that don't cost an absolute fortune?
    2. Anyone under $100 a pop? :'( Man...I'm not a fan of the way the Naripons look, at all. I like the Orientdolls, but...geez, price.
    3. The only dolls under a $100 in that size and dd-anne bobobbie is 15 cm
    4. Tinys can ...and do for a lot of us work out as expensive as their larger cousins
      just because its tiny ...dosnt mean cheaper :)

      OrientDoll is one of the most reasonable priced of them all
      they are as versatile and as customisable (is that a word)
      as any large doll

      perhaps you should try a Konji doll these tiny jointed Gems are very cheap ...
      jointed , you can customise them ...change their eyes , wigs , repaint their faces ..not as well made ..heads are resin if memory serves me and they are that size too
      an inexpensive alternative to a BJD
    5. I am planning to make bottle fairies with pocket fairies :D

      they're not cheap but they're beautiful
    6. The orientdoll so basics are 109 so its really just splitting hairs as to being over a 100 at that price. They are very well made and I am as impressed with their posability as can possibly be. They can stand very well and even my non-doll friends had them posing at dinner with almost no effort.

      Small dolls are only less costly in materials to the maker. For the artists and sculpters there is just as much and sometimes more work involved because of the tiny details. The slilghtly lower prices reflect the cost of the resin mostly, the work is still about the same (along with the people costs like website maintenence, packing and shipping)
    7. What are bottle fairies?

      Orientdoll So at $110 unpainted is probably the least expensive resin BJD, and least expensive tiny doll that can be discussed, sold, and displayed (displayed without another BJD) on DoA. If you don't care about DoA for this project, then maybe the KonD dolls (sculpted by Rainman).

    8. wait there is also the doll by a DOA member... umh it was mero and now she's making near and lil (I don't know if I remember correctly)
      If I'm not wrong they're around 100$ too.

      bottle fairies is an anime (and manga?) I don't kow nothing more of it I've just seen the images and they seemed PF to me :fangirl

      I already have the wigs (except the grey one >_< I'll use a white one)
    9. Another alternative to BJDs would be Volks' Customize Figures. They look like BJDs and are resin (I'm pretty sure.). They're a little smaller than barbies, and are only about $45 a peice. You can get them with eye-holes for glass eyes, and although their hair is plastic, I'm sure you could find a way to mod them to take dollfie wigs. They can be found on www.volks.co.jp.

      And trying to find ANY BJD for under $100 is going to be near impossible. Even if Tiny Mero and Near are under that, you have to take into account shipping, accessories like wigs and eyes, and materials for finishing like Mr. Super clear and paints etc.
    10. Because it's been mentioned but hasn't been linked:
      DD-Anne's Tiny Lii and Tiny Near. They're under 100.

      Orientdoll's are probably the only commercial tiny BJD that go for nearly USD100 and have a good reputation in terms of resin and poseability. ^_^ The tiniest BJD that I know of are Latidoll's White line but they're definitely pricier.
    11. I second Volks customize figures! I have one and they are fab, plus they are anime-styled. ;)
      I sculpted a lil headcap for mine out of sculpey, now she can wear wigs! :)
      She is actually a doll belonging to one of my BJD. ^__^
      You cant beat the price of Volks CF, but if you have your heart set on a BJD, I'd say OreintDoll would be the way to go.
    12. oh yes!
      there are also customize figures petite now, but only in the japanese site I think >_<
    13. Note all - We can't discuss Volks customize figures on DoA.

      Rive - You're at the bottom of the tiny BJD size and price range, and there aren't many choices there that meet both qualifications.

      BTW - At Denver Doll in two of these fashion sections, there are clothes for orientdoll So size could see some modeling nice clothes.


      There are some other really tiny dolls but I don't know their prices.

      Lati White (9.5cm)
      AngelRegion Little Gienie (10cm)
      DD Anne Tiny Mero (10cm) - but is she making those now or the 25cm?
      Naripon (10cm) - saw nude on sale once for $129
      Roxy Yam (12cm)
      Secretdoll Baby Fairy (11mm)
      Serendipity Cumi (11mm)
      Ssin Umgi (11mm)
      Wishel (11mm) - babies I think
      DollnDoll Rumi/Romi (13mm)

      Bobobie Erin and Eric
      DIM Vanilla

      There are url's in my Tiny Size Chart - unclickable unfortunately - but you could cut/paste them into another browser window:

    14. I don't think anyone has mentioned Banjis yet... my Eomji is smaller than my hand and feels like a bundle of sticks (but cute sticks o.0 ) when I hold her. She's teeny tiny small.

      *is looking at Orientdoll and Lii and Near*
    15. Thanks - I thought I had mentioned her already but that was in a different thread!

    16. I have a pic somewhere of my wishel, OD So and Banji together to see proportions. I'll link it if anyone wants. Banji is the tallest and slimest. OD is the shortest but more slender than the Wishel. I think of them as the same size category unless I have them standing next to each other.
    17. I just got my two DD-Anne dolls. They are cute and tiny a bit smaller than a wishel.

      The discussion thread for them is here with links in the first post for ordering.

      I made an order in the last ordering period and gosh they are adorable. I'll be posting pictures soon. They have magnetic headcap. Tiny Lii has changeable eyes. The feet and hands are attached by s-hooks
    18. *smiles* Keep talking, everyone. I'm learning lots! Especial thanks to Carolyn...wow, awesome links ^_^