are there dolls you would like but probably won't buy?

Nov 27, 2005

    1. I was just thinking about this now. I like the look of hounds, and would enjoy having one, but I feel like I can't be a hound owner. :( it's probably because if I have one, I can't just have one, i'd want a similarly sized friend(s) too. or a family of hounds(like one of the members here, helene :p ) but that's really above my means right now ! maybe i'll be able to think about it after some years pass.

      i've got a mini and a tiny, they get along well, but somehow a larger doll I feel needs a similarly large comrade. ahh.

      i'm very satisfied at the moment with my two dolls but I still admire hounds from afar.. on the other side of the internet. :p

      oh, yeah and narsha boy. I want to smother one in hugs. I love 'em but don't know if I could own one.
    2. I have a list of dolls I like but would most certianly never buy as long as my arm ...
      Uhm, Dollshe Hound, Unoa Sist, SD10 Magical Michael, Yo-SD Rengumaru, Soo Dark Human, Delf Sleeping Yder, Elf Shiwoo, MSD Ken ...
    3. The doll I love the most, and probably will never buy is Bermann. Mostly because I just know I won't be lucky enough to get into a Tensiya LE pre-order, and I already have Hound, who in many ways I like even better than Bermann.

      There is just something about Bermann that keeps tugging on my heartstrings though.

      I also love Soah, but don't imagine I'll wind up buying her. I really DO have enough BJD (and other dolls in general).
    4. limited income
      + small living space
      + expanding number of dolls available
      many, many dolls I love but will never own

      Tragic, isn't it? :lol: Shall & Lahoo are amazing ... Rosee Asha's ears (esp the mermaid ones) are adorable ... & that's just in the last month alone. Now if I won the lottery (which I won't, because buying lottery tickets would take away from my doll fund) & had a huge house, I'd be dangerous.
    5. oh yes, many.

      why? because im poor! lol. I just graduated from college and have a huge amoutn of student loans and debt racked up from college.

      >_> won't stop me from preordering a lusis on my credit card though.
    6. I want a Soah, but I'm just not the girl doll type of person. I also prefer the mini size.
    7. there are sooooo many dolls I really like, but never see myself owning, for the simple reason my family will be complete when I have my second doll ^^ I would love a girl doll(*adores Cindy*), or a Hound(or Bermann ^___^), or an androgynous doll, or a tiny..(Naripon :D)..but..I don't know, I only need two dolls, that's enough. Those two boys belong together, only together, without others..they have no need for others, and so I don't need any other dolls either.

      So, I enjoy looking at the dolls in the gallery ^_^
    8. Hound ^^'
      Money.... and... uh.... his "things" are tooooo real looking... I'd have to dress him with my eyes closed XDDD
      There are many dolls I like but won't buy.... 'cause I like small famillys XD
    9. Cacau said "Money.... and... uh.... his "things" are tooooo real looking... I'd have to dress him with my eyes closed XDDD"

      You are the cutest Cacau, you always give me such smiles :)
    10. I think her name is Belladonna? I know that Ashbet has her, the really pretty pale vampire-girl? I think that she's very beautiful, but her wide-open eyes kind of scare me a little!
    11. I really love DOT Lahoo... but I want to try to hold off on getting a second doll for now, because I'm not entirely convinced I *need* two...
    12. The large Narin boy looks stunningly beautiful but I don't have any plans to buy him. I have one boy BJD and that's enough for me, I don't have enough of an interest in making boy's things to buy another.
    13. ^_^ I really like Bermann, but I don't think I'll ever own one, just cause I feel like I have too many dolls and he wouldnt fit in as well with my others.
    14. lol Bermann would tower over the rest of the familly :P
    15. Oh I would love to buy any of those tiny angels from volk's with thier cute little wings!!! I probably will never ever find one, and if I do it will probably cost more than I could ever afford.
    16. I really, really love Hound but I'd probably never buy him. Too tall!
    17. Ehehehe.


      School Head A
      School Head C
      Cecil the Scarface
      Old F-14
      Old F-15
      New F-20
      Another more normal new F-19
      Sunlight SD boy F-24
      Nono 13/Ryo
      SD Ken
      MSD F-13
      MSD Ken







      Cerberus Project:

      Sleeping Yder
      Soo Special
      Elf El
      Elf Shiwoo
      Elf Yder




      Rhea(Both versions)



      Angel Region:


      Blue Fairy:


      I'm positive I've forgotten some.

      I notice a lot of this list except the Volks dolls consists of minis and tinies. :lol: Probably because I seem to mostly be a 60cm person...
    18. Iplehouse's Soo Ri, he's gorgeous but just wouldn't fit in with the family I have planned right now.
    19. There are loads of dolls i like but i'll never buy. The main reason is money. There are some limiteds i like, but i know i can't afford them. Even non-limited dolls that i like are most likely too expensive for me. The second reason is space. Even if i had the money, i wouldn't buy every doll i wanted, because they take up space. These are large dolls! The third reason is time. I want to be able to sew lots of things for my dolls and for them all to have distinct personalities. If i have too many dolls, then I won't have the time to devote to them all. The last reason is planning. I have a certian family size i want to stick too. I can deviate from it a bit, but honestly, i want a girl and a boy "adult mini (unoa, narin, sdc, minifee)" sized dolls, a girl and a boy "SD sized" dolls. That's a good, managable sized family to me.

    20. I don't remember her name, but she's got these SUPER POUT lips shaped like a W, kinda. I like the weirdness of it, but I wouldn't buy it.