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Are there Elfdoll high heel feet?

Jan 13, 2007

    1. Is there such a thing? Can feet from any other doll fit hers? I've seen Elfdoll outfits that come with high heel feet, but the shoe is molded on and that's limitinghttp://denofangels.com/forums/images/smilies/smilie-gaah.gif.
    2. Elfdoll Special Sooah 1 came with molded HH feet and had an extra pair of regular feet as well.
      I think this is the only time Elfdoll produced these molded HH feet, but I'm new to BJDs...so I don't know for sure
      (I just purchased this Sooah last month from eBay).

      I just removed her HH feet last week...and I can take a pic of them & post it, if you want to see what they look like.
      The ball-joint is molded into the sculpt.
    3. Sooah's high heeled feet were one piece of resin.
      And I also think she came with normal feet...if that isn't true you could try CP girl feet [the CP hands fit her...>_>], but that would mean you'll have to buy a whole body ^_^"

    4. Correct, the shoes are attached to the foot, and painted.

      They have not released 'high heel' posed feet (such as the Iplehouse ones), and unfortunately I've tried to swap her feet with other brands and haven't found one that fits yet.
    5. So Elfdoll Girls with "normal" feet cant wear high heels??
    6. Elfdoll Girls can wear high heel shoes,
      I hv a few pairs of high heel shoes,,
      Elf Girls can wear luts high heel shoes^___^~
      But now I want to buy volks girl feet for my girl.
      Her defalt feet are big for me ^^"...
    7. The special edition RuRu came with red resin high heeled feet and the special edition June with black croc high heeled feet as well.
    8. Volks HH can kinda fit an Elfdoll girl.

      I find that since the Elfdoll ankle joint is so mobile - a bit to mobile, really! - she can just about wear any HH shoes out there without difficulty. So there's no need to bother! :)
    9. Thank you so much! :)
      I'll go look around for them!
    10. My Sooah is able to wear dollheart shoes for the SD10/13. The heels are high, but the arch isn't very high so they fit comfortably.
    11. I found out that Elfdoll girls can't wear those... on the page they say: "For 13SD Girl's heel parts only"

      @lovegreen1989 and StJohn - Thank you so much!

      If someone else knows more about more shoes Elfdoll girls could wear... I would like to know!