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Are tinies like drugs (or Lays potato chips)? You Decide!

Jul 20, 2009

    1. So, I'm sitting here on DoA looking at threads, and come across some Felix Doll Brownies. My eyes immediately pop and I do the whole :fangirl::fangirl::fangirl::fangirl: CUTE! thing. I then immediately go to their website, and have picked out a beautiful perfect little boy (Tobby).

      I then stop and think 'Wow... I have a puki lily, puki sugar faceplates on the way that I need to purchase a body for, and I also want a PongPong and Cupid. Now I'm looking at Brownies and have 1 I definitely want, and another that prodded my interest. I still want at least 2 MSDs from Fairyland (have a head, need a body). OMG tinies are taking over my life!'

      Has anyone else come to the realization that tinies are highly addictive and multiply like crazy?

      I'm thinking warning labels should be attached to the pages of tinies.:lol:
    2. Yes, I am becoming more and more aware of that. :( Ah, my pocket, it hurts!

      I wrote down a 'If-I-won-15-million-dollars' wishlist today just for the fun of it, adding every single doll I'd ever even want just on a whim, not even really, really, really want. And only 5 of the 23 were bigger than 43cm. :sweat It was mostly MSDs, Yo-SDs and tiny, tinies like Pukis and such. Though most were Yo-SDs, so it looks like in the future I'll have an little elementary school in my bedroom. :lol:
    3. Since I don't consider MSD size dolls 'tinies', no. XD I'm really very adverse or even apathetic about anything smaller than an MSD size doll.

      But if you think MSD's are 'tiny' size then I'm out of luck. XD I have two MSD's now, and plans for at least.... 4 more. XD Of course mine will all be adults, just short, so it won't look strange, but hey, a room full of dolls in an adults house. Strange, all on its own!
    4. I think Tinies are overly adorable. *_* I know if I ever bought even one, I wouldn't have pocket change for the rest of my life. I would just get more and more~!
    5. I got my first tiny recently, and I just keep marveling at how light he is, how well he poses, and what an adorable little fellow he is. I have heard that Pukis tend to be an infestation; you get one, and then suddenly you have ten. I think it's likely that tiny dolls in general are like that. I'm content for the time being with my one tiny in a house of larger dolls (two SD, one MSD), but I don't know for how long.
    6. Yes, most definitely addictive and so appealing! I started with a Moona. One little Moona. Where's the harm in that? Now I find myself waiting for four Brownies, three of Charles' Creature Cabinet's delectable little morsels, and a Lati white. I am dithering over two Elfdoll tiny fairies (will probably just end up with both!) and another little Dollkot one that I want to order. And, no doubt, tomorrow another company will announce yet another adorable little thing with elf ears that I cannot live without. And that's not even the worst of it! The tiny little eyes, the teensy wigs, the fortune in handkerchiefs and other things that will make precious little outfits and props for them! We think they don't cost much so what's the big deal (and, individually, they are quite reasonable), but these adorable little bits of resin are going to bankrupt me! They are dangerous and should be handled with extreme caution! OMG! Can someone lend me a Brownie until mine get here?! (I am so ashamed by my weakness!):...(
    7. Yes, they're very addicting. I only wanted one, but became enchanted by her and now I have a bunch. There are lots of good reasons for buying tiny dolls: they don't take up much room, their props don't take up much room, they're cute, and many of them are less expensive than larger dolls (although, calculating by the inch, my tiny Secretdolls each cost proportionately more than my Dollshe).
    8. LOL--my Avatar doesn't say "I have a TINY problem" for no reason!! I am totally blown away by tiny dolls, the tinier the better--there is somethng so wonderful about being able to tuck them in your purse or pocket and take them with you. But I have loved miniature dolls since I was a child, so maybe it's a carry-over from my childhood.
    9. I've often said that tinies don't count because you need 2-5 tinies to equal the size of an MSD doll, never mind how many you would need to make an SD doll....that said, I have more tinies than MSD or SD and even MSD or SD put together. They take up so little space and are so easy to carry around....so 44 tinies later, you'd think I'd be done but no, there are always more tinies to love!
    10. I definitely have the addiction.

      I bought my first (and supposedly only) last December, I'm embarrassed to even mention how many I have now, and I still have intense craving for more.
    11. Yes, tinies are addictive! I have one already and I'm planning a HUGE Fairyland order in December! I plan on ordering 3 or 4 tinies! Wish me luck in my current dolly addiction!
    12. Tinies are so cute! at first I wasn't sure I should get one I normally only go for big dolls. But my sister gave one of her tinies to me as a surprise gift (CH Ange ai hani) she's so adorable and easy to pose and change^^ planning on getting another one!
    13. I have remedied the tiny disease by surrounding myself with tinies that I can see and take pictures of but are not actually my own xD I have one of my own, then my boyfriend, little sister, and her best friend all have one!

      This arrangement was directly inspired by my constant prodding :sweat But everyone is happy with it in the end!

      So, its as if I already have 4 tinies, but I've only actually paid for one! See what I did there? :lol:

      P.S. They were all Brownies bought during the sale xD
    14. Yes, Tinies are a "disease"..... And I have it bad.

      2 years ago, I said I would never have tinies, even MSD are too small.

      Then I saw Puff in person. Then I got Neon and Puff... 1.5 years down the road, I have 3 in the incoming list 9 at home. I am pretty sure the rest of the Soom Chibi MD will be ordered... so that is THAT.

      But you know, as I always tell myself, Tinies are so small - they do not count LOL LOL

      Tinies multiply as fast as bunnies
    15. Tinies are adooorable... I was showing my boyfriend the Felix Doll Brownies in case he wanted to order me one for my birthday... or our anniversary... or Christmas.... and I figured "Hey, these are so darn adorable and economy-friendly, I could just buy one myself, or maybe two, or MORE!" Darn little things, they make me want to amass an army of them!! @_@
    16. Only drugs I've taken were for surgery, and I hated it! So no, not like drugs at all! LOL. Potato chips, Edamame, small Mother's chocolate chip cookies and a glass a milk, and M$M's.... Yup I am addicted!
    17. Definitely addictive. I got one Lati Yellow in October and said that as she was so expensive I'd never buy another BJD... I now have two yellow and a white plus a LittleFee, 2 PukiFees and one pukipuki body with two heads... so I need at least another body for them - and my wishlist is getting out of hand!
    18. :) ...what can I say ...Clochette and I have tried re-hab ..dosnt work
      totally taken over my home ..my life ...and I wouldnt have it any other way LOL
      Sometimes I try and sell some ...but I know I will rebuy them later LOL

      I have even re-bought my own dolls back ..Im a sad addict LOL
    19. Same here...it's hopeless I tell you...I saw an MSD recently and was appalled. If a tiny Aru were to ever be made I'm dead.

      I used to have a three doll limit...thanks to the Cult of the Tiny I'm up to...um...eight full dolls and floating heads/faceplates :(
    20. Oh yes. Yes, they are. I have, so far, one Little Fee, two Bobobies, ten Pukis, and one Brownie on the way. So yeah, they are wicked addictive :D