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are unique clothes important to you?

Sep 16, 2011

    1. i'm just curious (and couldn't find this anywhere) given the fact that a large part of this hobby is the customization of the dolls, do you care if your clothes are unique/one of a kind? or is it enough that your dolls are?

      would you pay extra to get clothes that no one else has? for limited edition clothes? or does it not matter if a bunch of people out there have the same/similar looks?

      have you ever bought something just because it was unique?
    2. I think it depends on what style your doll is. You know regular salaryman or a princess from the recesses of space. To me it doesn't really matter, I mean if it's unique and I like it I will by it but that doesn't mean I like only unique one of a kind things.

      There are owners out there that will pay a lot of monies to own something no one else has tho.
    3. Just like my real wardrobe, i like my dolls to have a lot of mix and match stuff... and then have a few super special items they can wear- usually those items are things that only that doll wears while the rest is shared.

      I make most of my own clothes, more because i'm cheap than for any other reason, so a lot of their items are unique... but not for any other reason really.
    4. My dolls are a medieval-inspired court, and so far nearly no one sells clothing appropriate for them so their clothes have to be unique because I have to make them myself. The stuff available from other people is usually just too fantasy and in the wrong materials for my lot. I know, Picky picky.
    5. I love Val Zeitler's clothing and don't mind at all that other people have the Haute Doll outfits. As long as I am happy with my dolls it's fine. I am starting to make my own clothes now and I guess they will be unique because I am using vintage scraps and recycled fabrics. I don't think it's the uniqueness that matters to me, more that I can't find the exact outfits that I have sketched so I am setting about making them.
    6. No, not really. I mean, some of my dolls/characters have a fairly unique outfit that I designed for them and that's pretty important to their character, so I might have to make/commission those. But it wouldn't be for the uniqueness factor, more for the "true to character" reasons.

      Generally though, I usually give most of my characters a staple of their wardrobe. For example, I had one that always wore some kind of vest, one that liked sort of vulgar/really baggy pants, and my most recent one really likes the combination of shorter shorts (especially puffy/bloomer shorts) and high stockings. As long as there's lots of those articles in the doll's wardrobe, I don't really care about uniqueness.

      The one thing that I don't really like doing though is using an entire full set outfit. It just feels a little... I dunno, boring to me. I generally like to use about 50% fullset outfit, 50% something else, unless the fullset is absolutely perfect and in-character for the doll (but that hasn't really happened yet).
    7. I am really just happy when I find something that fits my dolls. I swear I must have some odd sizes D:

      I don't really think I dress my dolls in anything unique, just stuff that I either wear myself or would wear if I had any commitment to one specific style. It doesn't add up to unique, just eclectic. I do wish there was more unique stuff out there, but by unique I mean in colors that aren't black, white, red or pink =_=
      in styles that aren't super-goth, lolita or military uniform chic.
      I think some companies are finally getting away from this, but it's been a long ride down the monochromatic wardrobe road.

      I have paid more money for a few LE outfits...mostly because I'm afraid I'd want them and they'd be gone! In the case of clothes, I feel like it's better to have and then sell, than to wish I'd bought them when it's already too late.
    8. As much as I would like to be able to say "no I don't care if every bjd has the same clothes as mine", I do think it bugs me a little. I do try to find pieces that not everyone has, or buy one of a kind where I can. It doesn't stop me from buying something if I want it, I'll just work that much harder to put it with something unique.
      It shouldn't really surprise me I guess, I do the same thing with my own clothing, I wear the same jeans as everyone else, but I will go out of my way to find unique t-shirts and accesories.
    9. I don't care if their clothes are 100% unique, but I do prefer high quality clothes. I'm willing to spend a lot of money for those. I have a Dollheart limited outfit, and I could easily quite happily own many more. I wouldn't buy something for the sole reason of it being unique, but I wouldn't not buy it either, if that makes sense. I have weirdly sized dolls, so I'm pretty happy when things fit.
    10. No. I do have unique outfits and I love them, but I care more about:

      I'm not going to pay a lot more just because an outfit is unique. And I'll buy the right outfit no matter how limited it is. And unique doesn't matter if it's not well-sewn or cheap-looking (some expensive things can look cheap and visa versa-- I want things to look good at a good price).

      I've bought outfits that a lot of people have--but it's still not common to see dolls wearing the same thing at meetups. The outfits just go out all over the world and some people don't have them on their dolls much, so even if there are a gazillion of the same outfit out there, it's not like you'll bump into other people with dolls wearing them. (Heck, I shop at Target and I don't worry about seeing the same things on other people I bump into. I usually DON'T. And just think about how many people must be buying the exact same thing!)

      So... No, not important.
    11. CLOTHES :)!!!!! I feel your dolls show character through style. It doesn't really matter how unique or one-of-a-kind the clothes are, but how your doll is dressed. You can really get sense of who they are through clothes. However, I do feel the quality of clothes is important to help achieve a doll's style.
      So more power to you if you make unique custom clothing for your dolls.
    12. I think it depends on the personality of each doll ;) I love to mix'n'match stuff so it doesn't really matter about unique clothes. If it suits my taste then I will buy it, if it doesn't then I won't :XD:

      the Quality and Price is my only concern ;)
    13. My resin union members are mostly fairly casual dressers so they don't wear particularly unique clothing, but I do have some rarer or LE outfits, and I do have a couple of commissioned items that it's highly unlikely anyone else has. It adds a bit of fun to have things other or few people do, but I wouldn't go as far as to say it's important. I am developing more of a taste for more expensive, elaborate, and/or limited items these days, but it's yet to become a primary motivation in how I select what I buy within the hobby.
    14. As each of my dolls has only one outfit, I want that outfit to define their character. I don't buy the most unique or expensive clothes, and I prefer to make my own as I can't usually find what I'm envisioning anyway. I don't like my dolls to have the same style, each one has to be unique!

      So, I purchase, or make for my dolls and only want the look to be unique, not so much the clothes!
    15. I don't care if they're unique in the sense that other people don't have them - that doesn't matter to me. If I like an outfit, why be bothered just because others like it too? Dollheart outfits are popular, and I would never hesitate to buy those.

      However, if it's unique in that it's rare to find an outfit that's similar (and I like it), I'll be more likely to buy it right away than if it's the type of thing you can find anywhere. I don't like for my dolls to have outfits that are too similar -- this is hard to avoid though because I have a strong preference for a certain style. For instance, over half of my guys have ruffled collars/jabots at the moment. And cameos-I have so many outfits with cameos...
    16. It doesn't matter at all to me whether or not the outfit is unique as long as it fits the look or character I have in mind for a doll. My dolls wear everything from standard outfits always available from a company to handmade commissioned items to rare, limited clothing sets. My second concern is "do the clothes look well-crafted and fit well?" Then comes price, fit and all the other picky details. "Is this unique and how many people will own it besides me," is pretty much at the bottom of the list.

      As far as would I pay more for uniqueness, definitely not. I have seen OOaK outfits going for hundreds of dollars, sometimes in the price range of a new doll itself. Those kind of boggle my mind, especially if they are second-hand. I just cannot wrap my brain around paying that much for clothing, no matter how unique it is or who made it.

      Some dolls have one outfit that is exclusively theirs that no other doll of mine will ever wear, others share from a community closet of clothes I can't seem to find permanent dolls for.
    17. I like 'em all-- common, LE, unique, or custom-made-- as long as they're goodlooking and they fit!

      And I don't worry about whether or not anyone else's dolls are wearing the same thing to the party, because after rearranging the outfit-pieces & adding all the accessories, it's extremely unlikely that anybody else will have used those same clothes in the same way.

      There have been some fun exceptions, of course: at one of our GoGaDoll Lite events, we held a special Fer Photo Op, for any and all boys & girls who showed up dressed in any color Fer. Just to see how many we could get in one place. :) That was a fun table... soooo many frills and pointy hoods!
    18. I LOVE clothes!! Yes. Despite my own wardrobe being severely lacking in the
      styles that I adore, which would scream the opposite to those looking at it, I
      do in fact love fashion. And I love people who take risks...as long as that does
      not include wearing meat dresses.. unique does NOT have to mean expensive!!

      I love seeing doll clothes with lots of detail. Cool buttons,beads,crystals, flowers
      clay miniature food, lots of different textures in fabric & laces......that's the kind
      of thing that catches my eye...clothes with personality that also creates character
      for the doll wearing it, or vice versa.

      Unfortunately I don't have quite the wardrobe that I had hoped for my dolls, yet.
      I was able to purchase one lovely outfit by Honey Meryl for my lovely Unoa Lilah
      and she has literally been wearing it for almost two years...nothing I've seen yet
      quite compares to it and it's now very much her, so I don't see myself putting her
      in anything else anytime soon.

      Now that I feel my wanting for more dolls is ending, or at least slowing down, I do
      want to focus more on acquiring clothes for them, and lots of props, so I AM on
      the hunt for OOAK clothes or very detailed items.
      I think one of the great things about fashion for us and dolls is that you can mix &
      match items that on their own are not entirely unique, but together create a very
      unique style/look...and kudos to those who can sew and have the vision to create
      their own outfits, I'm not there yet but hope that someday I will be close:)
    19. Like many others, I care more about whether the clothing suits my characters than whether it's one-of-a-kind or not. I think the only truly OOaK outfits my boys have are the ones I've made for them. I do have some limited sets, but only because they appealed to me and fit the characters. A lot of my characters are from the late 19th century, so when I first started in the hobby, it took a while for me to find places where I could buy clothing that looked at least somewhat historically accurate. I don't get too terribly picky about it, though - as long as the overall look carries the "feeling" of the time period it's okay with me. I've only recently started putting together some modern-day characters - not mine this time, but from anime and manga I like - and it's been fun to depart from my usual aesthetic a bit. I like to mix and match a lot, too. The way you put outfits together can make your dolls look a lot more unique than putting them in a fullset limited outfit with all the bits exactly as it was sold.
    20. I have two gothic/punky style boys and one boy that wears jeans, a tank and a button up shirt (sterotypical boy clothes). So I guess not, I just like to make sure that the clothes work with the character. I actually tend to look around to see what other people's dolls are wearing to get inspired. I actually get excited when I see people with similar clothes. The only thing I really worry about is fit. If you have dolls skinner than the standard SD boy, it's impossible to find good pants for them. I recently commisioned jeans for my B&G boy, since I couldn't find his size anywhere. I also sewed the back of one of my dolls shirts so it fit more closely to his chest, it took terrible from the back, but he's always wearing a sweatshirt so it doesn't matter too much.