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Are Unola Flourites similar size to a Barbie???

Jan 19, 2007

    1. i.e. can they wear some of the clothes???
    2. yes they are about that size, I held one in my hand at a meet, and she was wearing barbie pants and had a bratz bag. hope this helps!
    3. Actually they are a little smaller than skipper size, so some Barbie stuff would fit and some won't.
    4. I have one and she is smaller than Barbie.. she fits best in bratz clothes and some momoko or Jenny clothes.
    5. Clothes from the relatively new Spinmaster doll line; Liv dolls, are a perfect fit! It's also my understanding that Momoko clothes - factory made or for instance the ones made by TTYA doll - will be close to perfect (I've yet to try this myself).