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Are Volks Boys Worth the Higher Price?

Jul 30, 2008

    1. I have been searching through the threads on "large size dolls" and cannot seem to find what I am looking for. So thought I would start a thread. If there is one someplace else, please let me know. I would appreciate any and all input.

      I would love to buy a large male doll. First, to go with my two large Narae girls I am expecting. Second, I love to knit and have designed a couple of male sweaters that I would love to knit up and have him wear.

      I have checked out several doll sites to see what appeals to me. I always come back to Volks but want to understand why they command such high prices. The standard SD male dolls available really do not interest me, although I guess I could re-paint the faces. Eden is coming out for the lottery. I like his size and mature face but the price tag of almost $1,000. A FCS would be nice but it will be a while before I am in the LA area and I really do not want to pay a deputy to do my shopping.

      The nice thing about Volks is the standard size and availability of shoes and items I really don't care to sew. Is the Volks male doll worth the price? Are there better male dolls out there that would work for me?

      Please all of you Volks fans, let me know if Eden or a FCS male is worth the price and wait.

      Those of you that are fans of other brands, let me know what makes you love your boys so much!

      Thank you in advance for your comments.
    2. Well, Volks is the first, so that's why they can market their prices so high. And I believe they have very thick and dense resin. I don't have one, personally, but that's what I've always heard.​
    3. Part of the reason Eden comes with such a high price tag is that his faceup, wig, outfit, and shoes are all included in his price. Part of the reason standards are a lower price is because they do not come with a full outfit & shoes - plus they aren't limited in number. Large dolls from other sites seem like they are a lower price typically because they do NOT come with a faceup, wig, clothing, or shoes. Go to any of those other sites and order a doll, clothes, faceup, and wig and you'll come out to about the same price honestly.

      Volks resin is exceedingly stable and I personally love how it feels to the touch. (not saying other companies aren't) I also tend to drift back to the Volks sculpts over and over, they just seem sturdier/manlier to me. I love CP boys, but they are a touch more slender and just seem more feminine to me. I dunno. To me Volks boys are worth the price, to others maybe not so much. I hope I helped in some way or form.

      Volks was also the first company to produce RESIN ball jointed dolls. I point out the resin so strongly because ball jointed dolls have in fact been around for centuries. They are also based in Japan so their cost for workers is higher. You can pay a worker in China/Korea much less than one in Japan and that is probably a factor into their higher prices.
    4. Well, having handled a FCS in person, I can say he was a very lovely doll. I, personally, couldn't bring myself to spend $1000+ on one, though. There are so many other dolls that I could get for less than that that I love just as much and that are the same quality. I can understand why they cost what they do, but I just can't justify the price myself.

      I, personally, am a bigger fan of the LatiDoll Red-line men than any of the FCS sculpts anyways. I like how their heads are smaller and look very well proportioned whereas the FCS seem to have very large heads. I also think you can't beat a Lati body in terms of beauty.

      The owner of the FCS doll I handled loved him, though, but I think the price may have even been a turn off after the fact. I know he was for sale, but not sure that he still is.

      I guess it just goes back to getting what you want. The nice thing about the Dolpa dolls is you can generally sell them and get your money back if you don't like them. I'm not talking about buying him for that reason, but just saying you can always take the risk without it being too much of a burden mentally.

      I mean, I would love a Yukinojo, but I certainly won't spend over $2000 on him. I would rather wait for another Dolpa release of him or, since I don't like the Volks big boy body, find his head somewhere.

      ...wow I rambled. XD I hope I at least helped somewhat.
    5. I think Volks resin is gorgeous, and it's very colour stable as far as I've seen. The resin is thick and of a very high quality. I would pay the money for one if I had it :lol:

      I also love the Senior Delf resin, if my SDF girl is any indication. It's got tooth to it, but isn't too rough. And the guys are large, with some lovely sculpting put into them. The Mecha Angels are great as well, but they're really too big for a shorty like me *_*

      And there's always hybriding! If you love a head, but want to cut on price, why not buy one of the cheaper bodies? There are a lot of matches for pureskin :)
    6. If you like them they are worth it to you then aren't they ;)
      if not don't buy them.
    7. Volks limiteds really aren't that much more expensive than any other large doll once you figure in they come with a faceup, a detailed fullset outfit, limited wig, and glass eyes. You're going to pay around the same to get the same results if you went with a doll that has a lower base price because they generally come with nothing.

      As for personal opinion, almost all of my dolls are Volks dolls. To me they are definitely worth their price tag with their consistent high quality. It's very telling of a company, to me anyway, when they can consistently reproduce skin colour. Volks dolls have gorgeous, thick resin, it's very dense and Volks MSDs can weigh more than SDs from other companies, and it's always great to know that if you buy option parts for your doll, it's not going to be a crap shoot about whether or not they'll match the rest of your doll.

      Sculpt wise, it's not a body with rippling muscles if that is what you're looking for, but I think it can be really sexy. It also does not have double joints, which is something to consider if you are into high posability. I will say that Volks dolls stand like rocks. I think another thing you may have to take into consideration is that if you want to match him up with big Narae's, you may wanna go see how they look with other Volks dolls. Narae's are much more realistic in their proportions and overall aesthetic while Volks dolls lean toward the stylized anime side of the doll spectrum. His head will be larger than theirs which is something that may or may not bother you.

      So I think they're just peachy keen, but in the end, you need to decide if Eden is what you want. Now, if you're not interested in the fullset, I am sure you will have no trouble selling off the parts that you do not want which will help offset the costs. I am hoping someone sells his wig so I can snag it. ;)
    8. I have owned Volks dolls their Limited and Standard, and the quality of weight and resin feel is very HIGH!! No lying there about it, the price is going to be what you pay for and they are worth it, but I don't own any Volks dolls at the moment and I have been eyeing Irvin since I do have more than enough to get him and any doll, but I would have to sell 1 to get 1, that's why I don't want to rush:sweat
    9. If you definitely like the look of a Volks best then it probably will be worth it for you.

      I second Kim, consider, Volks heads are some of the largest, generally wearing a 9-10 wig but I believe one or two sculpts actually fit a 10-11. Narae's head is listed as just under 8 inches around. And unless you get one of the limited only bodies (SD16/SD17) he will be distinctly younger looking overall than Narae.

      And I will confess, I am a little obsessed with hand sculpts, and really don't feel I could be happy with the Volks hands. I don't really like my Elfdoll's hands either, but adore the Domuya body's hands and my Dollshe's hands. I also love the posing on my Domuya, and don't really mind the amount of work I've had to put into him to achieve it.

      I quite happily Oo and Aa over other people's Volks dolls, there's no denying they are lovely, but there's only really one I'd like for myself (an SDC).
    10. At first I thought this was going to be about how boys are often a hundred or two more expensive than girls. I've always kind of wondered about that.

      It's true. They're solid and generally very well put together. On the down side... they're solidly built, so they can't fit into the narrower pants.

      There are more standard SD/SD13s now, and, yes, a change of eyes or a new faceup can make all the difference (especially if it's an SD, since the standards come with acrylic eyes, which don't look quite as nice in my opinion). Since you mentioned repainting: If you like one face except for the faceup, then that's quite changeable. Also, if you like one body or head over another, you can use the DOA to barter bodies. People always need bodies!

      In this hobby, you're already spending in the crazy zone, so go with what you want. "Worth it" doesn't really come into the picture (unless it's, like, REALLY over the top in price). If a Volks LE is what you want and he's available and you have the funds, go for it and not a "lesser" doll.
    11. Gosh, every response has just been terrific. I really appreciate it. Thank you so much!

      I did not think about how my Narae girls, especially the one coming with the "mature" face plate would like with the Volks boys. Now that I look again, the boys (SD13) are younger looking. The one SD16 I saw on ebay is selling for $1800, which just is too much money.

      I love the fact most mentioned how wonderful the resin quality is on the Volks. That is so important. So I am thinking of just getting the boy and eventually getting a girl SD13 for him, rather than him posing with the Narae girls. I love my Narae girls but the boys just do not appeal to me.

      Now to decide which one....after doing the math, Eden, outfit and all, really is not that expensive. I don't like the wig at all, though. And Link is do-able too. Maybe with some enhancements on the face-up...oh such decisions!
    12. Here is my dealio with Volks. I have a Hybrid on a Volks body, and I like it a lot. I have noticed that the resin is quite frankly, A LOT better then some other popular companies out there. Not saying Volks has the only good resin, but it really is magnificent :sweat Lets just say, when it comes to Volks & my Hybrids, I am willing to dish out $1500 on just an SD17 body itself *_*
    13. Volks resin is gorgeous! I have had many different kinds of dolls and Volks resin and their FCS tan skin option are real important points to me.
      I myself do not like double joints so I'm not that easily tempted by other companies who do offer this feature and are easily to obtain XD.
      My only worst Volks Nightmare is the SD17 Reisner boys they kill me. I need the SD17 body and I have tried checking out other doll companies and I always find something about the bodies I don't like. I don't have this problem with Volks male bodies :) they are perfect.
      I think if it's the doll you want you should go for it I myself get cold feet when I have to spend 1800$ on a boy but nowadays that is a reasonable price for some limited editions :).

      Also I think the clothing, face-up, sanding service, kips, glass eyes etc. all make the price higher.

      Standard SD are cheaper but they don't come with shoes, clothes or glass eyes so these thing matter.

      And the best resin in the world is made in Japan and used by Volks.
      Only a limited quantity is given to other people who wish to use the resin and it's very expensive. That's why there aren't that many BJD companies from Japan. Since Volks has a monopoly position in making resin casted dolls in Japan. When a dollmaker plans to produce and cast resin BJD's for selling purpose they have to tell Volks how much.
      But that's what a japanese person told me a long time ago.

      Therefor another reason why Volks is expensive and special :).
    14. "Worth it" really depends on how much you want an individual sculpt. Resin quality is important--and Volks quality, all around, is excellent-- but for most people, it depends on the sculpt of the face, and then such things as the body it fits on--sizes and builds and posing and resin and what clothes fit, etc.

      As others have said, the money isn't exactly wasted on the higher-priced dolls, since Volks quality and their customer support is very good. But it really depends on what you are looking for in a doll!
    15. Majority of my large dolls are Volks, I like the feel of the resin and the weight.
    16. Okay, I am totally sold on getting one! First I will try for "Eden". If I don't get him, I will try to talk hubby into a trip to LA so I can get an FCS. I will continue to "haunt" ebay as well. Now, even the $1850 one, does not seem too out of reach!

      Thank you everyone for your comments. I really appreciate your insight and opinions. I sure do value this forum. BJD collecting would not be the same for me without it!
    17. I have to add that volks quality is really good as well and Luts .

      *Montana love* always wanted to move there!
    18. Ek! I'm super glad to hear all of this also. I've been eyeing the Thor Head from Crobidoll since the moment I lay eyes on him~

      But I have to admit I was worried about having to find a body to match the head considering I'm a newbie at this xD; They recommended some companies, but the only one I could find as a possibility was the Volks SD10. I was a little hesitent because of what I've heard about the posing, but the bodies and resin are just too nice to pass up.

      And best of all, I might have gotten my hands on a jointed SD10 boy body! :fangirl: It's not for certain yet, but I'll know within the next few days -is dying from the wait-
    19. I have a number of dolls, from Volks, Unidoll, Luts and Rainy and I must say that I still prefer the resin from Volks as I think that they have the most human color and texture.
    20. I just received my Yo-SD on Thursday. I finally had a chance today to sand and blush her. I was super impressed with the way the resin sanded. Normally I order my dolls sanded but I bought her off ebay new and had no choice. Then I sprayed and blushed her. The color just flowed on the resin. I used the Volks spray and pastels. It was the easiest blush job as the color blended so well.

      I am sold on the Volks resin. I hope this little one will be the first of many more to come.

      And thank you for your comments. It is so nice to read them all!