Are Volks Four Sisters heads really identical?

Feb 15, 2005

    1. Are all of faces definitely100% identical....the more I look at them the more I think Megu's eyes are a little different..maybe a little bigger (but of course that could just be the angle of the photo).

      Thanks !!
    2. Yes, they're 100% identical. They can look quite different if you give them certain faceups, but they're all alike. :)
    3. Thanks Zalem ...that's what I thought but I wanted to b absolutely sure...I just ordered Sara from Domuya :D :D :D All of my play money is gone (for now, lol) but I REALLY wanted her!!
    4. Well... Lolly took a picture of an older 4 sisters head she had, next to a new one - and they were QUITE different. I hope she sees this post, and can share those pix! it was VERY very interesting to see it.
    5. I remember that post. But I also remember that older sister head having been modified a bit. But even without modification there were some differences. Volks did change some molds during the switch to pureskin. Like the new f-08 has a smaller forehead and the new F-28 (the f-16) has smaller eyes and other changes. However, if you were to look at pureskin Nana, Megu, Kira and Sara all next to each other, they'd be exactly alike. Just like if you put all the old skin sisters together, they'd be exactly alike.
    6. I think what I got would be a newer one, I wrote to them a few days ago to ask if the ones they had available were pureskin or the old resin, they replied that would be a newer one right?

      I fell in love with the same face as you Sher....from this thread I posted :lol: (same pic - great minds think alike :wink: )

      I hope I can make her freaking GORGEOUS when she gets here!!!
      edited to say my husband REALLY pissed me off today so I thought I deserved a nice little treat :lol: :lol:
    7. AHH. Yes it was an older one, next to a newer one. Seems the older one (if I remember) had a bigger head overall... hm HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. someday I'll have a 4 sisters. I always love them.
    8. Yeah, I noticed that too. I think Volks made alot of their heads slightly smaller in their pureskin versions.
    9. LOLOLOLOLOLOL Denise... I am begining to think you are worse than me!!!!!!
      I am absolutely besotted and obsessed by these dolls... I WAS supposed to be trying to get out of what did I do this week... buy a Pureskin SD13 body and FIVE dolls (ok they were little ones.. but none the less.. 5 of them!!)

      I saw a Sara (isnt she a 4 sisters?) on Yahoo.. and was sorely tempted..... where does it end???? in jail because I cant pay the credit cards!

      Anyway Denise.. I APPLAUD you... men can be pains.. they need to be taught a lesson..LOLOLOLOL