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Are YOU a doll collector?

Oct 29, 2009

    1. Whenever I think about telling new people about my doll hobby, I am never quite sure how to go about it. I always debate exactly what I should call it.

      In your opinion, what is the difference between a bjd hobby and a bjd collector. Do you think the two words are synonymous? Obviously if you are a doll collector you are in the hobby, but if you are in the hobby do you automatically fall into the category of doll collector?

      Do you consider yourself a collector after acquiring a certain number of dolls? Or, what if you considered yourself a collector, but don't plan on purchasing anymore, do you continue to deem yourself "doll collector?"

      ...I know, I've put WAY too much thought into this lol but I thought it would be interesting to see how others define their doll pursuits.
    2. I only have one doll and I consider myself a collector, because I have a different approach than most of the people I've come across in the hobby. I don't play with my dolls, and if I had to sell her it would be only a little harder than if I had to sell one of my kimono. For me, my doll is customizable and unique and I love her, but she's a 'cabinet baby'.
    3. I'm both, I fully enjoy this hobby by faceupping and modding my boys, buy lots of things for them so that I can photograph them.

      But on the other hand I am a
      Minimee collector, I want to collect a lot of different and unique faces.

    4. I tell people, if they ask, that I'm a collector. It's way beyond that, though, because I like to customize, photograph, and make up silly tales about them. On the other hand, I don't consider them to be my children or best friends or anything like that. Really, it's a kind of obsession with me...but I only discuss it or mention it with other like-minded doll fanatics.
    5. When talking to nondoll folks, I say collector, because it's just easier that way. I consider myself a hobbyist first and foremost and only marginally a collector, because I focus on the more hands on stuff and I have a greater amount of feelings towards them than I would something that is just a pretty object. However, I do like to collect other things, and I'm sure the abjd hobby does appeal to that part of my psyche too. Of course, what you call yourself is going to be dependent on what you consider a collector to be.
    6. I am a doll death threat. I want more but only have a limited amount to spend so I have to sell in order to buy.

      Thus...death threat!
    7. I call anyone with plans for one than one doll a doll collector. :lol: I consider myself a doll collector, and still will even after my wishlist is completed.
    8. hmmm... i'd say YES im in the hobby. but am i a collector? im not sure.... im kinda just a kid (14) whos drooling all over the dolls. i will love them forever but i guess they are mostly toys with me :sweat just... really expensives ones XD i bring them EVERYWHERE i go, play with their hair, and hug them.

      someone i would really consider a collector is someone who takes REALLY care of keeping them perfect. makes them clothes and takes photos but doesnt really play with it. kinda like those ppl who collects stamps (exemple). they buy new ones, put them in a book and look at them (with a stupid smile?)
      so this is pretty much MY image of a collector.
    9. I'm not a doll collector. I'm a wig collector. And an eye collector. And clothing, of course.
    10. I wouldn't call myself a collector...Even though I have a bajillion dolls on my wishlist (with every intention of getting them, mind you XD), collecting is something that wouldn't...have a limit I guess. There's a limit to my doll "collecting", as all of my dolls are pre-created characters, and though I find a lot of dolls really really beautiful and appealing, I don't just...collect all the dolls I like. I'm very selective about who I choose, because I first have to consider, if I DO like a doll enough, where and how they would fit into my characters' story.

      When I think of the word "collecting", objects that you amass for some reason or another (usually value-based) and keep protected and displayed for purely display purposes comes to mind. Fashion dolls do, too, actually...and though I have nothing against fashion doll collectors of course, my interest in BJDs is very different from that kind of collecting :sweat

      When I'm introducing a stranger to my BJDs, I always introduce it as a hobby as opposed to collecting. I think describing it as such makes it perfectly understandable to other people. A hobby is something interactive, which is what BJDs are to me, while, IMO, collecting is something totally different XP
    11. Well, I've always been into dolls, so yes, I've been a "doll collector" for as long as I can remember. However. I don't feel the need to declare myself to people, in fact I go out of my way to NOT mention it. I really don't need to go around confessing to random people that I'm a frivolous creature interested in (what is generally thought of as) silly useless childish things. If someone mentions to me that he or she is into dolls then I *might* admit it... but not always.

    12. Definitely a doll collector here. I've collected various types of dolls for well over 20 years so I think that pretty well defines me. Seeing as how doll collecting is a hobby & BJDs are dolls, I can't see how to draw a line between BJD collector & BJD hobby. Really, they're one in the same. And even though part of the appeal of these dolls is their customization, there are many other types of dolls that are routinely customised as well.
    13. If you're talking to someone unfamiliar with BJDs, calling yourself a collector is maybe the best way to describe what's going on in terms they'll be familiar with: you are an adult that buys doll(s). If they express more curiosity, it opens the door to explaining the hobby aspects, such as customization and such that distinguish BJDs from the dolls they're probably more familiar with that usually spend their existence trapped in cardboard and plastic. ;)
    14. I admit to not speaking about it that much , except with other people in the community ... you get a kind of bewildered look from people sometimes ( being an adult and interested in dolls ).
    15. Couldnt you say you are a "Doll Owner" and go in depth to explain to them what it is?
    16. I very rarely tell anyone that I have dolls. If I do, I just say that "I collect dolls" and leave it at that because the majority of the time they have no idea about the dolls that I collect. I like to collect very realistic unique dolls like reborns & bjds. I have other types, but these are the ones I am really interested in. People usually picture Barbies and anything beyond that is just to weird for them. (live in a small town, and work in a prison, so no one but forums to really talk dolls with)
    17. The definition of "Collection" is several things gathered together. If I am actively looking for things to add such as dolls, shoes, clothes, and others that contribute to the collection, then I'll call myself a doll collector. If I just let all that stuff sit in the basement for a couple years, I wouldn't call myself a collector anymore.

      In this case, I think "hobby" and "collector" fall hand in hand. It is similar to art. The artist works on their drawings, and afterwards they have a "collection" of work. Besides you always hear, "My hobby is collecting stamps!" and, "Oh really? I collect pez as my hobby!"
    18. I often say I'm in the 'doll hobby'. I don't have a collector personality for these things. I don't think about their resale value. I don't worry about chipping or yellowing too much. I play with her all the time and re-paint her face-up frequently. I don't buy limited dolls or the expensive 'collectible' dolls. In fact, I buy some really common sculpts just because they suit my characters and I love them. And I don't plan on having a 'large collection' of dolls. More like a 'cast' of dolls. XD

      It cuts it close, 'hobby' and 'collection'... but when I think of a 'collection' I think of people who collect rare/expensive things, puts them on a shelf, and leaves them in the both so they don't loose resale value. Which is not what I do at all.
    19. When I talk to people outside of the hobby, I just say that "I collect dolls". That's usually a well accepted statement. If they seem the least bit interested then I'll go into more details. Usually it's my luck that I just happen to have a doll with me. :) (Probably still in the carrier, so they don't know what it is.) I pretty much jump at any chance to talk to others about my BJDs.

      I consider myself to be a collector, because I usually have a collector mindset about a lot of things, not just BJDs. The phrase "Gotta catch 'em all!" comes to mind. And I thought that way before Pokemon was around. :sweat I'm also pretty careful with my dolls. I almost never touch their faces unless I've just washed my hands. (Kind of wish I had those cotton gloves like Volks' employees use. XD ) And whenever I change their clothes, I always take the heads off so that I don't damage the faceup. (Paranoid much?)

      Though I consider the entire thing a hobby. Collecting dolls and everything that goes with it. Mostly because I do get into other aspects of collecting BJDs. Photographing, knitting/crocheting and sewing. So, I guess that if all you do is buy/sell dolls and display them in a case, that would be a collector. Anything more than that would be considered the hobby aspect.
    20. I've never considered myself a bjd collector. It might help that I only have one doll at the moment, but like someone said, 'collector' seems to be a word used for someone that obtains the said item without limit- but I also think it is a word used when you have little discrimination between the items as well. Like, I collect capsule figures. I want to keep collecting them until I have so many that I can't stand it. True I prefer some more than others, but I'm generally happy to obtain what I can.

      When it comes to bjd specifically (since I collect all kinds of dolls/figures) I would just say it's a hobby. Because I'm only in it to find a select few for my personal tastes. Also, it would be impossible to collect very many not only because of expense, but because they are so customizable that it's just not their nature to obtain them that way. However if I did get into the habit of buying one when I can so that they accumulate and I usually have them for display, then I would probably say by then that I collect them. Quantity seems to play a big part in the terms of use.