Are you a "Revolving Door" Owner?

Jun 27, 2019

    1. I'm the opposite - I'm a deeply entrenched, walled-in, moat-around-the-collection owner. :XD:

      I don't sell my dolls. I've come close - I've actually had a few of my dolls listed for sale on a local site, but when they didn't sale quickly I thought that was the perfect excuse to take them off and keep them... (Also, they got new face-ups and clothes to help sell them, and I realised that I loved their new look. LOL!!)

      I find there's just as much criticism of owners who don't swap out and end up with collections of 20 or more dolls. Like you can't love so many of them, you don't pay enough attention to them, etc. Not to mention the fact that mega-collectors of course spend money on their collection that does *not* come from selling other dolls.

      The bottom line is, that everyone has their own reasons for collecting, their own way of collecting, playing, creating, etc. I really don't feel qualified to judge people solely based on the way they treat their dolls. :3nodding:
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    2. This is me!!! Completely :)

      Also, I have only sold one faceplate and other resin accesories that was included in a second hand purchase. And I sold them because I wasn't going to use them at all!
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    3. Not a revolving door, but not quite entrenched. I buy dolls with the idea that they will be with me indefinitely. If they arrive and I don't feel that is the case, I feel a desire to get rid of them post haste, the better to focus on the ones that will. So not a revolving door or a wall, but more like a sorter with a chute for the misfires.
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    4. I get a doll and bolt the door, weld it shut. That door will never open again. The only reason I could see me selling any of my dolls would be because I found out I were dying. Then I would be able to send them on to new people who would enjoy them after I'm gone, and then I'd would likely sell them cheap. But no, I'll be that crazy 110 year old woman with a creepy doll room...
      Y'all can do whatever you want though lol.
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    5. I think I’m kind of in the middle ground? I tend to plan my purchases for a long time, so I’m pretty committed once I bring a doll home! That said, I’ve definitely sold my fair share of heads (and a body or two). I’m usually shelling a character, so I want the sculpt to be perfect and don’t have many qualms about selling a doll that doesn’t fit.

      I do find that I’m a little underwhelmed by blank faces, so I typically won’t sell a doll at least until I’ve seen it with a face-up. I almost thought I disliked my favorite doll when I got her, but once she came back with a face-up, I was in love. Now I own two of her!
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    6. I'm not much of a revolving door owner, but I'm heavily restrictive on what I buy. I've had just a few major doll parts sold or rehomed (mostly spare/gift heads and a few unique parts that ended up unused), and my first was gifted to a family member as the size didn't fit with me (and the character reshelled). I've been lucky that for the most part the dolls I have are still strongly appealing to me.

      I'm never bothered by the revolving door owners, so long as they're decent sellers. They tend to also have a better sense for things, like sizing or company comparison, more than I do with my more limited collection.
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    7. I haven't gone through as many as some but, thinking about it, I've currently got about a 20% retention rate. I've had dolls I've put up for sale a week or so after arrival, and some I've owned for years that I one day decided it was time for them to move on.
      I can kind of identify with your minimalist sentiments @CutieKitty. BJD are really the only thing I collect now and I want each doll to be a favorite, and also to be open to my collection changing and evolving, which means selling any doll or related item that doesn't fit my vision or current tastes.
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    8. yes, it's true. The taste tends to change and when you have so many things (not even full dolls but even spare heards or parts or accessories) that you know will collect dust - it's better to just rehome them. Put the money toward the new/current collection, etc. I noticed that since I started to declutter heavily, things that I own and find useless simply annoy me xD
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    9. I've totally been a revolving door with all my purchases in the past couple years since I finally started buying bjds/bjd accessories. I just haven't found the right doll for me and get antsy to send them off to someone else not long after having them. After selling a doll I get the urge to get rid of the things I had for them too. I blame this on avoiding buying the doll I've loved the look of forever for some unknown reason. I think if I just got her, I wouldn't have bought and resold so many- going for what I really wanted instead of settling or making an impulse buy. I could have easily gotten her with how much I've spent on dolls I haven't bonded with. Thankfully I've made back most of it which I'm really thankful for so I don't feel too bad in that way. I still wish I could bond with one and hope this next decision is the right one.

      I resold a bunch of clothes, a couple wigs, and lots of eyes in mixed sizes.
    10. I almost sold one, but then my mother saw her and fell in love so I gave that doll to her. Otherwise I've bought every doll after thinking about it for a while because I decided I wanted them. So I'm more entrenched than anything.
    11. For being only an owner for not quite a year, I've sold a few and selling two more at the moment (plus some non topics). It's either I didn't click with the doll despite me giving them a chance or I grew tired of them and sold them so I can get something new. If I grow tired of them after a short while, I might just keep them to see if I go back to them, otherwise, I would like them to go to a new owner.
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    12. Mine, they are all mine! They are mine forever! Mwahahahaha!

      But, seriously, I don't understand why people would get upset with other people selling their dolls. Some of my dolls came second hand, and I think it's great that I have them. People who sell dolls frequently, give people like me a chance to buy them.

      When I get something of value that I cherish, I want to keep it, I want to hold on to it, and admire it. I tend to try and hold on to things that I like, and bond very quickly will all my dolls the second I unwrap them. Sometimes we have some quirks to work out, the dolls seldom are what I expected, but part of the fun is discovering the dolls and seeing what suits them instead of how I wanted them to be.

      The only way I would change it up, is by adding more dolls. None of them have the perfect outfit, even the full sets are put away, because I like to change their clothing, I like to buy a lot of clothing and change it up. When it comes to wigs, hair is more permanent once I decide what suits the doll. I don't think my dolls will ever be set, they are always changing and developing.
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    13. I like keeping my dolls, but sometimes I have to sell the ones I don't click with as much to have money for important life events or other dolls (like grails, etc.) Like currently, I just sold one doll and two have two dolls (well a body and a full doll) for sale who I would love to keep. However, I need the funds for other things more. That is what makes the ultimate decision for me. Otherwise, I'd never sell my dolls, haha. As for other people who sell frequently... It makes no never mind to me. It's their dolls! And their money. They are free to do what they want with them. If I follow that doll closely I may be disappointed to see it go, but that's it and only last a moment. People are in the hobby for their personal enjoyment, :)
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    14. I wish I had the mentality to be a revolving door owner! I'm a collector. I have sold a few dolls, but for the most part, once they get here, they stay.
    15. I'm pretty much with the "wall/vault" type collectors here :XD: I've sold one doll (to a friend; size ended up being too small and couldn't work out a character) and one head (to reshell the character) out of my... I stopped counting at 30... dolls... :sweat

      I tend to put a lot of thought into a doll before I buy it, or if it is an impulse it's usually brought on by a spark of inspiration that makes me super excited. My dolls are shells of my OCs, and I certainly have OCs and even written stories that were inspired by dolls that had that spark.

      I get very attached to things, I have ever since I was a child, so I usually can't stand the thought of selling something as important to me as my dolls.
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    16. I personally tend not to be. However, there are just some times where a particular sculpt didn't click for an OC, or over a period of time an OC changed and hence needed reshelling (which mostly led to selling off the previous heads/bodies of said OCs).

      With the not really knowing what you're going to get until it arrives kind of condition to this hobby, the revolving door policy is sometimes something that can't be helped. Body looked right in the photos, but is too beefy or not the right height for the planned head? It needs to move along to somebody who can make use of it. Head sculpt was a bit misleading in the promo photos and looks nothing like what you were expecting in real life? Time to send it on to the next person.

      And then there are just those moments where you thought you'd connected strongly with a certain bjd upon seeing them (love at first sight), only to slowly lose interest in them once they arrive because that original spark has waned. People's tastes change, visions shift, and selling on is just the inevitable byproduct of those circumstances.

      So, while I can't say I have a frequent tendency to receive and then quickly pass along incoming resin to new owners—I can say I've had my fair share of moments where the resin needed to move on for one reason or another.
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    17. To be honest, I think others selling their dolls frequently is way more positive than negative. It means that you can move on to something more enjoyable, and someone can take pleasure in your unwanted stuff! It stops anything from being forgotten/unused. :}

      I myself am not a ‘revolving door’ owner, I’ve only ever sold one BJD and it was for funds... It was tricky, so I don’t reckon I’ll be doing it a lot in the future.
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    18. So far I've been lucky and the dolls I've fallen in love with and purchased I've stayed in love with and have no intention of selling, and I get pretty emotionally attached to things. Which is good because I'm super lazy and they'd never actually get sold. :| I have a body I ended up not liking and pretty immediately replaced that's still in it's box. I've been meaning to sell it for something like 2 or 3 years now.......

      I can defiantly understand being a 'resolving door' owner though, I'm like that with my cosplay. I just about never ware the same costume twice because I move on and get excited about new things so quickly. But again... I'm too lazy to sell.... :doh
    19. I used to be one. There wasn't as much opportunity to see bjd in person when I originally joined the hobby. So there was a lot of buying molds/sizes I thought I'd love only to let them go. Eventuality I went to a meet up where someone had a YoSd hoard and I figured out wht worked for me(I then had to sell everyone to be able to afford moving and other nonsense).
      But I think my current two are staying. My Soom Alk is a mold I always loved. My Volks Rinon may not have been around when I was originally collecting, but I always wanted a Volks and she's perfect to me.
      People who get mad at someone selling are baffleing. Tastes change and/or sometimes things just aren't what we hoped they'd be
    20. I used to be one too. I'm not even sure if I could come up with a comprehensive list of all of the dolls I've bought and sold over the past 13 years I've been in the hobby. A couple dozen, maybe, if we're including floating heads?

      The two oldest dolls I still own (Migidoll Owen, Bambicrony Emily) were both released (and bought by me) in 2009 and they form the basis of my current collection. They were both love at first sight type but so were many of the dolls I ultimately ended up selling. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't. I've had those two for 10 years and I'm happy with them and my current collection. Maybe someday that will change.