Are you a "Revolving Door" Owner?

Jun 27, 2019

    1. Not at all. I always buy my dolls, and other collectibles, with the intention of keeping them. I'm so attached to my dolls that I can't imagine selling them. However being a "revolving door owner" isn't a bad thing as we have the opportunity to buy second hand dolls and those owners can then spend money on a doll they love.
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    2. I feel like I might end up being one, but I don't think it's because I change up my OCs or anything like that. I'm looking to rehome two of my dolls because I just decided I didn't like the size of them.
    3. I'm generally not a revolving door owner, but I'm not one to criticize what other people do with their dolls. In the end, we're all adults with doll collections which is looked down upon enough without people looking down on each other within the hobby. I also totally understand the feeling of getting a doll and realizing it isn't right for the character and having to sell it, which I have done, though most of mine are here to stay once they arrive.
    4. Nope, only buy a doll after being gobsmacked so they stay. However I am grateful to folk who have sold the dolls that I have fallen for.
    5. I would say yes and no. I have had few of my dolls for years, and I am not going to sell them. However, other dolls I had no problem of selling. I recently got back into the BJD hobby and I got more interested in smaller dolls. I think if I had "stuck" with my bigger size dolls I would have just stayed inactive. I am not selling and buying often, but sometimes if I don't bond with the doll or my plans/story/characters change drastically. I think "evolving" and changing taste over time is fine. I am not criticizing people who do it often either - we all engage with this hobby differently and that is completely okay.
    6. I'm gonna say "generally no," but I'm thinking I might lean that way someday. As another mentioned, some dolls won't leave me. Some dolls are on the chopping block. That's just how it goes, I think. :evilplot:
    7. I am afraid I fall into that category as I too have bought and sold many dolls over the two years in the hobby. It is very hard to know if the doll is right for you unless you hold it. I am also fascinated with the different sculpts and would want to hold each of them; unfortunately once I have the doll and the connection is not there I have to pass it on as I don’t have the budget for too many.

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    8. I wouldn't consider myself a revolving door owner but I do love a good trade. If I don't bond with a doll it will be out of my house. I just feel bad for a doll that sits around without any love or attention. As soon as I realize I'd rather not touch the doll, it should go. I think I will always have this mindset, some will stay forever others will go. My main thing is that my taste is always changing. This change causes certain dolls to be put on the chopping block. :)
    9. No judgement to those are are revolving door types but it's definitely not for me lol I'm very sentimental and I've thought about selling one or two but I can't stand the idea of selling most of them. I try to only get dolls I have plans for or absolutely adore and can figure out plans for eventually so I don't become a revolving door.
    10. I've been in and out of this hobby for a long time and to a degree yes I'd probably say I am a sort of revolving door owner but I know my reasons for it.
      Sometimes it has been due to ill health mentally and physically. I did sell off a large chunk of my collection around at one point as I had some respiratory and allergy issues.

      My biggest issue is that someone who's insecure about myself and always has been I'm subconciously searching for something in the dolls that fullfills a desire to be a certain way or that represents part of my own personality. We all constantly change and evolve as we live our lives and learn new things so how I see those parts of myself changes as the years go by and therefor a doll that may have once reflected persona that no longer seems to.
      I'm no spring chicken as they say, hell I'm probably more than double the age of many people here but that doesn't mean I've lost touch with any of the many personas that make up who I am and in fact I'd say the older I've become the more important they have become especially the inner child and the nature spirit.

      I will no doubt continue to search and evolve my ideas as long as what lies within me is restless.
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    11. I've only sold two dolls, so mine tend to stick with me like parasites.
    12. As I am a newbie here still waiting for my first doll arrival from Angelesque, the Doll Chateau Evangeline - I cannot fully comment yet on whether I will be a revolving door or not. :lol: I do really like change, so perhaps once I add a few BJD's to the member crew in future, I may become one! Although, it would be rather difficult for me to get rid of dolls that you'd build a bond with over time. We'll see! :XD:
    13. I am not a 'revolving door' owner, at all. So I'll just answer the second set of questions.
      • What keeps you bonded to your dolls or attached enough to never want to let them go? That's kind of a tricky question as bonding doesn't seem to work equally for everyone.
      • How long did it take you to get your crew just right? Well, now I have finally reached a state of being happy just with the dolls I have, so let's say it means my crew is just righ. It took... 5 years? More or less.
      • Would you like to change it more often or is your crew perfect as is? Now, I wouldn't change a single one of them, they're staying with me for good. My main character, Kerli, changed a bit in terms of face-up and hair last year but she is the same sculpt and character and now she is gorgeous and perfect.
      • Do you frequently make or buy new clothes and accessories, or is your doll set for life once they get a permanent outfit? I have this kind of Christmas' tradition and, each year in winter, I'll check what things they are lacking and what I like for them of what I find online and I make one big Christmas' purchase for everyone. They get Christmas' presents xD
    14. I never thought about this to be an actual name of something and i wondered how many people also did this too.

      My Doors Continue to move quite often, so often some fly out.. haha.

      I did have a crew that i liked, but i the size wasnt working and i felt they needed a change.... so the entire crew was overhauled essentially but one. they all lasted quite a while which is why i thought it was time, so i sold them all and started fresh, though i do have some regrets.

      I dont know the total of dolls and doll heads ive had over the years since the beginning, but as much as i love some, the love disappears and im like... you deserve a better home. so i sell them.

      Others dont work out since the face isnt how i pictured the character, so its changed and i then sell or keep that head and change it out for a new one.

      and some when i get them, just dont click. i got one the other day who is pretty, and nice looking... but i didnt feel anything. zero. zip. so i put him up for sale, someone else can love him.

      I really need to give my dolls some thought, so the door can slow down... as i know it will never actually stop.

      PS: there are certain dolls i have now, i know i wont get rid of.. so at least some wont go thru that door hopefully. others im trying to pin down the character with them and see what feels right. theres a lot of money at stake, so i dont want to just keep them.
    15. It's a mix! I can be impulsive. But I have dolls that have been with me all this time, and others besides them I couldn't imagine selling.

      sometimes though, Ill find I've got one or two that don't really get doted on ever, and I know somebody out there absolutely will spoil them. It used to freak me out, like oh no, what if I don't actually want any?! It took me a while to see my "core" crew and realize this wasn't the case.

      I ended up kind of thinking of it as a weird connective tissue piece of the hobby, like sometimes you're going to be part of a chain that's passing something wonderful along to the person who really wants it.
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    16. So far i only sold 3 out of my 30 something dolls, 1st 2 are impulse purchase when i 1st started! 3rd was a dollfie that i dont like as much! Almost all of mine are preloved, so i usually do many research b4 they reached. :)
    17. I wouldn't consider myself to be a revolving door owner but I might be to some. I've sold 8 dolls plus a few floating heads in 8 years. I still have 18 dolls with 2 on the way. If there is a doll that I'm just not enjoying like the others, it's time to consider finding a new home for it. Both with dolls and other hobbies of mine, it's never a waste to sell, I just learn my tastes better and it means I got to enjoy it for a little while before passing it along :)
    18. I kinda was when i first started. I sold and bought and sold alot of dolls before i figured out what aesthetic worked best for me. I really wanted the super realistic looking dolls and i love looking at pictures of them. But for my collection i prefer more cutesy dolls. Now most of the dolls i get, stay. Unless they really dont fit.
    19. I rarely sell any of my dolls, however I love buying dolls secondhand!! I feel like we need people in the hobby who change their minds a lot, haha. About half of my collection are secondhand purchases, I think.
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    20. I think I'm the exact opposite, I get one or two dolls, bond with them, get things for them, come up with a name, a story, a character behind who they are before I even look at getting my next one. I'd say I'm incredibly attached to all of my dolls, the thought of losing one genuinely makes me devastated. Maybe if a doll just wasn't the right fit for me, I would sell them, but to really know that I couldn't do anything, I would have to have them for at least a year, and put in the effort. I see them as people, almost. I get very attached quite easily, but then again I was also the kid who picked up rocks and got attached to them in elementary school.
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