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are you afraid of losing intrest?

May 27, 2009

    1. Hi, i didnt see anything like this, so i was wondering, does anyone have a fear of loseing intrest in their doll? or have you ever after ordering a doll and felt like you were gonna lose intrest all togeather after you had it? i have the tendancy to lose intrest in things after awile, and i want a bjd really badly and im afraid ill lose intrest in them after i get one. so yeah, tell me your opinion/exsperiences ^-^ :)

      (yes i know my spelling sucks)
    2. I'm more afraid that after spending a lot of money on them, they won't have any value in the future. I've been burned by my collection of vintage dolls which now seem to have quite low values. I think that losing interest means that you learn about something else and want to explore it, so it's a growth thing. If you buy a doll you love, look around at the various things others do with their dolls - like taking photos, designing clothes, doing face ups, etc. - and see what interests you so that it's not a stagnant interest (just a doll standing there on a shelf). Have FUN with it!
    3. I couldn't have said that any better. ^_^
    4. Not really... I'm a bit of a packrat collector, and I still have the majority of my dolls from my childhood (which is a little bit of 'can't-be-bothered-to-sort-them-out') and quite a number of other dolls sitting on my bookshelves.

      And to be perfectly honest, if I haven't tired of my oversized collection of books, I can't see myself getting tired of such a small collection of very beautiful, poseable, can't keep yourself from looking at them dolls.... :)
    5. I don't ever think I'll lose interest. I'll just lose the obsession.

      For me, when I'm first starting out in a hobby, I get completely OBSESSED with it. I stay up all night researching it, I can spend hours on a forum about it, etcetera. That's how I am with BJDs at the moment. Previously, it was decoden, and before that it was lolita clothing. I've never lost interest. I still enjoy them. Just at a... healthier level.

      As far as spending goes, if spending money on these dolls makes me happy for a while, they'll be worth it forever.

      Also, like Redwinger said, this hobby really does have a lot more to offer. If you get tired of just having a doll, try something new with it. This forum is sure to give you plenty of ideas for that. <3
    6. I am worried about that :)

      Typically my 'obsessions' (interests really!) tend to last for 1-2 years, generally because I 'conquer' the knowledge required and then it's 'less of a challenge'. For example in sewing, I got into bear making three years ago and created my first sloth about six months later. Now I can sell them happily and make money from it (www.je-suis-lugly.com) but the challenge level is lower so it's less enjoyable for me now.

      I think I'll do with BJD's what i do with sewing: keep adding fresh challenges and keep my fingers crossed! They represent a huge monetary cost, so the way i see it the long term benefit has to outweigh that cost for this to have been 'worthwhile'.
    7. As said before, no I'm never afraid I'll lose interest in a doll because that just means it's not right for me anymore. So buying a new doll that holds my interest makes my hobby evolve.

      But I've come at a stage that even if I lose interest in a doll I'll just keep it and maybe change their look and give it a new character ^_^

    8. I don't worry about that. I honestly don't see it happening from where things stand now, however even back when I first got into bjds the thought never really crossed my mind. It's always possible to try something and realize later that it isn't for you, or that there are other things you like better. However, it would be a shame not to try different hobbies and have fun now just because you may or may not keep the same interests later on down the road.
    9. It worries me that if I throw myself too much into dolls, I'll look back one day and regret that I wasted so much time and money on things I didn't need and lost interest in so quickly, instead of doing something constructive towards my future.
    10. I know that sometimes I might run out of ideas and dollies might sit tight for a while. But after a while the artsy urge might return and dollies will be right there, waiting. x3

      There are so many different things you can do with a doll--making clothes, working on a face-up, when you get tired of one thing, you can start working on another aspect of the hobby. x3
    11. I've lost interest. I've owned dolls for a relatively long time now, and they don't have as much thrill as they used to. It might be related to my younger age, and the fact that tastes mature and hobbies change, but I like creating rather than customizing now and dolls don't quite cut it. You get tired of the options, companies start to annoy rather than amuse, and you get a bit of perspective on current fads (Soom, cheap dolls, I'm looking at you).

      However, I still love dolls. There's a difference between loving your dolls and being interested in them. While I don't play with my crew half as much as the next collector, I still cherish them dearly and couldn't part with them easily.
    12. My dolls sat around collecting dust for over a year. I guess it was because most of my doll stuff is an ocean away and I had no means to buy new accessories, especially clothes (no money) and no means to make them (no sewing machine) so I was just bored.

      Then something happened ... and I hopped back into it suddenly. I bought a new doll and then another and so on. Went to Dolpa. Took a couple of my dolls out of doors. Got revitalized. And I anticipate that this will probably happen ... in cycles. Interest and disinterest. But it does strike me that gaining interest does seem to rely on ... spending money. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no.
    13. Lose interest? Not likely. I have loved beautiful things ever since I can remember, whether it be art, music, clothes, a nice story... Whatever. And BJDs are, in my opinion, the most beautiful physical objects I've ever had. I love them. And so I am very confident that I won't.

      As for the value concern... I'm not worried about that either. What do I care if I can't sell my doll to someone for close to its original price? I'm keeping them all. I'd only sell a doll if I bought it and didn't like it when it came. I don't plan to retire with money from them, or whatever. When I got them I knew I wanted them for life. In fact, if the market deflated and demand decreased, that would mean I could buy more dolls because they would be cheap on the marketplace! (Not to wish anyone bad fortune, of course)
    14. This right here. It isn't so much that I'll naturally lose interest. It's more of the spending guild stomping down the interest.
    15. The interest comes and goes. It's always good to think about it before you jump into such an expensive hobby. But I'm like you going from one thing to the next all the time. The best part about the doll hobby is there are always new ones to 're-interest' you. ^__^
    16. I've been pretty strongly into BJDs for a little over 2 years now. I've had other interests that have lasted longer so I'm not too worried about losing interest in BJDs overall. I tend to obsess over things a lot at first, then (hopefully) it will even out. So I figure that's what will happen with BJDs as well. Though with the number of new dolls coming out recently, it may not get as steady as my wallet would like. :sweat Even if I get to the point where I don't buy new dolls, I'm sure that I'll still love the ones that I have. I've already vowed that I would never sell my first boy. No matter what. ^_^ I have a feeling that some of the newer ones are starting to fall into that category as well. :sweat
    17. I collect lots of things and even though most of them are kept hidden somewhere i still like 'em. And when i have time or bored i will take them out and think about the particular item. If it's a book i read 'em, if it's a tool i use 'em and if it's figurines and the like i polish them. I do these things on how beautiul they are and how important they are to me. Also how much i have spent on them... TT-TT So if i got my bjd i'm not afraid of just placing her into a corner for a while or longer. Still i will have time to stop, clean and talk to her, telling her that i have not forgotten her and still love her.
    18. I'm a little bit worried.
      I don't ever really lose interest in something, but my focus does constantly shift between a lot of different things. Usually BJD are back in focus, whenever sewing is in focus.
      I'm more worried from the pesperective of how much the dolls cost. Even if I'll always come back to them, I sometimes wonder if it was worth the money.
    19. I actually do occasionally lose interest in particular dolls- I'll play constantly with one, then get over it and put her away to play with another, until I make a full circle and come back to the first again. I guess they all get a turn at being "me favorite". However, I haven't really lost interest in the hobby in general. I think the way to keep your interest from dissipating is to remember that BJD's aren't just about the buying, they're also about the doing.

      Make clothes, make wigs, do faceups... all these activities allow you to enjoy your dolls and bond with them. If you're not a creative type or are hopeless with crafting, then try dabbling a bit in photography. Make a photostory, or an online gallery of your most beautiful photos. Learn how to use photoshop and experiment with cool effects. I think making a scrapbook for your doll would also be a good idea, and you'd share a lot of unique experiences with your doll while making it.

      In the end, the hobby is what you make it. If you treat your doll like a friend, I doubt you'll "lose interest", because there's so much to do. :)
    20. kuroichou: I can definitely relate to that ... a lot. I feel so bad spending so much money on doll stuff sometimes when I could donate to charity instead.

      BTW, *waves* I'm an enormous T.S. Eliot fan; your sig rocks.