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Are you tired of new companies every week?

Feb 21, 2009

    1. Every week when I check the news I see new companies, for all size dolls, even antros.
      I am getting tired of that. A lot of these dolls look so similar I feel like they all copy each other.
      I really miss the times when there was only volks, luts, elfdoll, lati, bambicrony….. well mainly the old big companies.

      Maybe is just me, I know is cool to see new dolls, but they are so many companies now.....way to many.

      How do you feel about it?

    2. I love it! New companies and new dolls means new opportunities! I don't think they're that similar; almost all of the companies have their own distinctive style, at least to my eye. And even if they are similar, maybe if one company's sculpt isn't quite right, another will be! :)

      People keep telling my variety is the spice of life, and I'm inclined to believe them most of the time. ;)
    3. I happen to agree with Yoscuuro here. Also the added bonus that new companies start off with lower prices, so sometimes you can get a really great deal if you take a bit of a risk.
    4. I don't feel tired about new companies popping up,

      almost weekly now. I'm always hoping one of them
      will release a realistic male-body, I can fall in-love with.
      Although, I have come to realize that the newer the company,
      the "rougher/amateur-ish" their sculpts will look, and probably
      make most of their sculpts look similar.

      Still, I hope to see a realistic male-model-body, among some
      of the new companies' sculpts (even if that never happens). ^________^

      It's also fun to see the creative dolls a few of the newer
      companies come up with (even if not all of them are on-topic here).

      Edit: I've been around for a long time now, so it probably feels
      different for the newer member, than it does for the older ones,
      althought the OP has been around for a while as well.

      - Enzyme ^.^
    5. honestly I am of two minds about this, I was away from the forums and the interactive part of the hobby for a time for a few reasons, but now that I am back I feel overwhelmed by the number of new companies, this is a rather bewildering experience, and I am sure it makes things harder for true newcomers to BJD obsession. I admit I miss the days when I could look at a doll and instantly know what it was, now I suffer badly from "errrr...what company? WHO????" and have to do a lot of web searching, however I like that there is such a variety of choice out there, particularly when some companies do occasionally go stale. Yes I miss the old days, but there are so many options now that my doll family will hopefully reach that perfection I have always sought.

      I think the biggest issue I have is that a lot of companies seem to be popping up to "jump on the bandwagon" and I hate these company attitudes as much as I hate the owners who buy dolls as a fad, and avoid them. Honestly do it for the love of what you do, not just because it is perceived as "cool" or seen as a way of making a fast buck.

      "Also the added bonus that new companies start off with lower prices, so sometimes you can get a really great deal if you take a bit of a risk." This can also be true, as MinekaC said, however there is the other side of things, where you can think you have gotten that great deal, only to have it revealed after purchase that the doll you thought was original in the photos was a copy, or even a recast of another company's product, I have seen that happen too many times, and have had it happen once myself I am ashamed to say (I still love that doll, but am furious that I helped fund someone who would take credit for another artist's work!)
    6. Why would more variety be a problem? ^^ It's hard to keep track of all of them, but I love having a larger selection of dolls to choose from. <3
    7. I'm probably not qualified to answer since I wasn't around during the times of only Volks, Luts, Elfdoll, Bambicrony and so forth, but regardless: no, it doesn't bother me at all. I really don't care. It's not like our beloved companies will disappear as new ones join the bandwagon.
    8. It doesn't bother me but it does make me kind of suspicious of the new companies every now and then. :sweat
      I feel that as the hobby grows bigger so does the potential number of people who just want to make a lot money off of an expensive hobby and that makes me feel.. I don't know. Wary?
    9. Doesn't bother me at all! More companies mean more variety. But the naming...

      ...how many companies have 'doll' or 'angel' in them?! Can we not have a bit more thought into the names, people? XD
    10. Is that really what's happening right now? I'm sorry. I've been out of the doll fandom loop for a year. LOL
    11. I'm actually quite happy with most of the new companies, no matter how big or new they are. Although I already own my dream doll, I feel like there's always a chance that a new company will create someone else's dream doll! And that makes me happy ^^
    12. Actually, I am such a lover of Volks that I don't pay much attention to the new companies.... It does not bother me though. I just hope the companies are reputable and keep up the standard that we all expect.
    13. LOL, this is EXACTLY what bothers me about all the new companies... keeping the names straight!!!

      That's it though... the newer companies don't detract from the ones I love... and I'm hesitant to buy ANY doll before I've seen one of that brand in person. :)
    14. I've only been around for two years so here's just my experience.

      I'd only known of the big names...like Luts and Volks...and gradually became introduced to more like the Wishels and the Bambicronies.

      My first doll WAS one of the newer ones...we'd never heard of Angel Fantasy before and we did a lot of research to make sure it wasn't a scam (the price was really low). I thought "whatever" and thought it would be a good first BJD.

      Out of all our dolls, my friends and I felt my Lily was the best quality out of all of them. Her resin was seamless...she was smooth as satin, and durable. I even dropped her a few times...she fell on her face and not a scratch to be seen.

      While the number of companies is getting overwhelming...you never know what you might find...I wait to see discussions in the Tiny or Anthros forums (those are my interests) and I wait for owner pics.

      Just think about it...if people didn't take the plunge, there would be no owner pics!!!

      I have a PpoPpo...when they came out everyone was like "oooooh I have to have one!"...well guess what? I'm one of the FEW people that still has one. I don't get bored with the mold and while she has a TON of stringing/posing problems...I put money into a good faceup and she's a real gem to me.

      It's just like anything else that's new...it either succeeds or flops...Not all these doll companies will gain the rep that Luts or Tinybear :) or Pipos have...eventually the number of companies around won't be so frightening :D
    15. I love when new companies appear - I am always keeping an eye out for the next original creation. While I have no intention to buy any new dolls I can't help but be facinated by the latest innovations and sculpts. That is what has kept this hobby fun for me!

      Volks wasn't popular only because they were among the first or among the few companies that had something to offer - they were popular because they were innovative and new!

      If other companies can do that - I say the more the better, especially if it encourages our favorite classic companies to come up with more competitive designs.
    16. It doesn't bother me. New companies mean more options, and if their dolls don't grab me, then I won't buy them anyway--it's not like I'm forced to keep up with every company out there or have to buy their products. I especially like having a lot of dolls to choose from when I'm trying to find a sculpt to fit a particular character. Sometimes a new company coming out means I can finally find a head sculpt for a particularly difficult character. Only having a few big companies can make finding the right sculpts difficult.
    17. It doesn't bother me. It DOES make it difficult to keep track of new sculpts and companies, but even with Volks and Luts molds these days, there have been so many I can't keep track!

      I'm certainly glad there is such a great variety out there. I think some companies do seem a lot alike, but others begin to be very individual, and there have been a lot of interesting dolls because of it. SOOM is a pretty new company (to me!), but I adore the dolls they have been producing. And that wild, big, buff Akando from Iplehouse is definitely a stand-out. It all keeps things fresh and lively and keeps people interested--and gets new people involved, I think! It's been a very exciting time. I hope the economy doesn't keep new companies from making dolls!

      As always--one has to research and be careful, to make sure you get what you want. But that's true of the older companies, as well.
    18. I know what you mean, Ponygery! It all seems to be cheap imitations of Volks boys and giant Barbies and that's about it. :-/ I don't see any real innovation, and nothing much interests me. Oh well! The bright side is that I don't have much spare cash anyhow, so I guess it's okay there's nothing I want! XD

    19. You're complaining about more dollies?!

      There's no such thing as too many. ;)
    20. I would not say that it bothers me nor it surprise me - since whenever there is a market for something, someone will try to do business.

      Whenever a new business starts they will try to sell things which they know people like and may buy; thus the items they offer may look "conventional" at first. Soom was like that and now they have come a long since.

      I do not mind all the new companies, if they do not offer something that interests me I move on.