Are you waiting on any BJD? And your 2020 BJD wishlist.

Jun 3, 2020

    1. Which BJDs are in your waiting list? Mine is LUTS KDF Aronia and Peakswoods Romantic Lady Bee head.

      Also which dolls are you planning to get in 2020?
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    2. I'm currently waiting on 3 Myou tinies (Nina, Xiabuding, and Delia) and a Resinsoul Nian.

      Hoping to get a head to shell an SD boy if I can settle on or find what I'm looking for. :...(
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    3. I'm looking to maybe get a heliot.. always wanted one
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    4. I'm currently waiting on a Hwayu, who's been kidnapped by customs, a little Sophia that's being shipped today, and a soom Serin&Rico who I have on layaway!
      I've only had my first doll for a couple weeks and I've already fallen in so deep... help, I can't stop...
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    5. My interest in BJDs has been strongly rekindled after many years. Most of my current wishlist is off topic, but what is: Zuzu Delf Lurus!

      I’d love to find another Leekeworld Art Body though they haven’t been made in years.

      ETA: Ooh! And maybe a Delf Jun Ha which I’ve been wanting for yeaaaars.
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    6. I was waiting on two dolls but due to circumstances that will probably be reduced to one. It's a Loppi-Moon by Villitunes. I can't wait to meet the little cutie pie. I've taken a liking to fantasy skin tones lately.

      There are still a few ones on my wishlist but I'm not sure they'll be acquired in 2020.
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    7. My wishlist is bodies for my 6 floating heads. I want a humming dolly 65 body for my boy and spiritdoll or supia bodies for my girls but I'm not married to those specific options. I'd like to get them all new or barely used.
      I really want to add more tan dolls to my collection too.
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    8. I have a Souldoll Kuhn on layaway for six months. I was so excited after I ordered him...but now the realisation of how long (potentially) it will be before he is here, and I am :aeyepop:
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    9. I'm waiting on an Iplehouse Nancy and a Hana head by Pygmaliondolls. I would love to also be able to bring home bodies for 2 of my floating heads this year.
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    10. I had zero intentions of buying a doll this year, and yet here I am waiting on two dolls, one of which is a fullset. Whoops! ;)

      I have no real wishlist for the rest of the year. I highly doubt I'll be buying another doll this year anyways, which is actually a good thing since my wishlist at this point is really more vague ideas versus any solid plans.
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    11. I am waiting on a Pipos jr.pi Wawa and a enfant Doma.

      I really want to find another yo-sd size doll to make a little demon friend for my zombie boy. I'd also really, really like to maybe have a bigger doll by the end of the year. No idea who yet, but i'm looking.
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    12. Migidoll Jina and his body is ordered.
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    13. Waiting on an Iplehouse FID Bichun, who I'm paying off on Friday!! :dance

      Wishing for a Raccoondoll Mika and Dollnoize Wrath. Although, I'm pretty sure I might struggle to afford either of them with the current situation, but we'll see.
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    14. Waiting on:
      -Le Mouton en Sucre Mojito (Shipped)
      -feeple65 Sylvia heads (shipped)
      -twigling Eloy head (shipped)
      -2 secondhand ingenue heads (shipped)

      -twigling gamine c bust/short torso/short thigh, pieta a bust/long torso/long thigh, Elbe head.
      -Lillycat ellana

      Basically all the results of selling 3/4 of my dolls, Which is an ongoing process. It funded every doll on the list, except Mojito, because he was bought to commemorate a chameleon I got to have in my life for a long time. I got him the morning after my little guy passed.

      other dolls on the wish list:
      -supia Juah (ballerina body) light tan or AS racrimosa (58cm body)
      -impldoll Aurora
      -dolls that suit Tabbris, Aradia, Bae and illyra

      most of that isn’t happening this year, because I’m not getting any hours at work...
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    15. Waiting for 2 from dollshe 1 Grant and 1Amanda (ugh goodluck with that )

      DZ death but post office is a complete bust

      2 more from an independent artist

      This hobby really teaches you the virtue of patience!
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    16. Right now I'm not waiting for any dolls but I'm on the hunt for two cute limited anthros:
      • LUTS ZuzuDelf Romance Wolffy Vampire.
      • Dearmine DearPet Loc Labyrinth.
      I'm not having any luck at the moment but I'll keep looking because that's what we do ^w^
      I agree with @Yangire811, this hobby is all about patience.

      Yay! I'm now waiting for the Wolffy to come home! He is trapped in customs right now and I may have to break my piggybank to get him released but that's one doll out from the wishlist and into my life!
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    17. I've been waiting on a DZ Lacey since March of last year so I'm hoping that comes in eventually. :sigh Though I may end up selling her...

      As for wishlist, I've got a few pukifees on my list and one day I'd love to own a Harucasting Maji in mild tan.
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    18. I’m waiting on the DOLKxDoll Zone Miss Kitty Fullset from the rerelease last month! It’ll be a long wait, but she’s cute so it’s worth it! I’m also finishing paying off my Pipos Happy Line Nui so that she can come home from Denver Doll soon! As far as further plans, I’d really love to get some more outfits for my tinies family! And I think my SD boy could use a friend maybe? :thumbup
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    19. Currently waiting on:
      Doll Family-H Linfeng fullset with some extras
      Fairyland Minifee Ria, Mir (gift to my friend), and Tika (he should be here tomorrow)
      And I also have several orders of accessories I'm waiting on from Alice's and Etsy
      And another order but it might be off topic? But she'll get here... eventually haha

      For a wishlist... I have a folder of bookmarked dolls I want. But I don't think I'm getting any of them this year unless they suddenly come up on the secondhand market or in stock in the states, since ordering overseas lately has been a disaster.
      If I had to add something to a wishlist, I have a Minifee on my list. Just a matter of waiting for my checks haha.
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    20. I'm waiting on a Luts SDF Jean on the new pretty body! It's been nearly two months since I've ordered her, so she should be here soon! I think the next doll I want to get from my wishlist is Dollzone Nan...but with the waittime, I'd really prefer to get her secondhand, so I'm waiting for her to pop up!
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